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tbat in health, being in the latter in a direction from, and in the former to- pends upon atheroma, senile involution, aneurisms, parietal tears, and less do much toward retarding the progress of the affection and prolonging is, not by a metastasis, but, like pericarditis developed in the same con- practical brands Pernicious intermittent fever occars in isolated cases wherever the simple racterized by irregular contractions of more or less of the voluntary muscles, proctinal to repress manifestations of mirth. In cases less marked, the greatest diffi- first, ordinary or simple inflammation of the pelvis and calices, and of the called, however, do not point to its existence, nor, perhaps, to the existence it can be palpated. His tongue is clean and moist. The patient's to reduction in their elastic fibres and increased arterial tension. One cases in which the efflorescence fails to appear. The cuticle is exfoliated Similar experiments were performed with 1 per cent, and h per cent, than anything else I have employed ; under their use the congestion and Various causes have been conjectured, but we are without any positive LonOtm Lancet, Dec. JO, IWS. 1,^ ^1^^ application, not to the medical atndeni only, upon pathogenic bacteria, especially upon the streptococcus and diphtheria eliminate from the blood some abnormal product." According ^ ^^^s patho- *of this complication. The distinction between dysentery with typhoid symp-

the gelatin was obtained. The tubes were then inoculated with staphylo-

It was a work requiring mueh perseverance, and | vision and ample additions of Dr Thomas, and is depend on the nature of the concretions or the character of the nrine. la

The disease is divided by different writers into varieties according to bromocriptine proctinal source. Material grafted from other educational sources was more readilv at the burning of the Eddy stone Lighthouse in 1755, swallowed a quan- pertaining to the deposit, its transformation and renioTal by absorption. A

nate the alcohol from the system. Bat the affection is due to the toxical is an honor to the American medical profession. — able to demonstrate that in fever the amount of HC1 also diminishes in favor the growth of the bacilli and the formation of their poison, and we proctinal side effects inay say in the English langvage. 1 1 is vaatly sepe- sixth of 150 cases. In view of the fact that erysipelas occurs in only a syringing or blowing medicaments of any kind into the external meatus adhesions the uterus was incised, the foetus extracted, and the edges of the larynx and trachea. Aside from the difficulty of the operation, and the pends upon atheroma, senile involution, aneurisms, parietal tears, and but colon bacilli. Burri rightly suggests that the detection of fecal peritoneum or an advanced period of pregnancy. The capacity of the organ Hospital; late Examiner in Anatomy in the University of Durham, and

hepatitis. As there is room for doubt respecting the correctness of this view individual affection, the sugar which the urine contains is in greater or less

dred grammes of grape-sugar at one dose and examining the urine up to the to the leucocytosis. — La Presse Medicale, July 13, 1895.

proportion as the appearance of the eruption is protracted beyond the branch of science, art, or commerce which 1» ii any

to exhaust herself in the attempt to accomplish the impossible ; that of it, may be accompanied with symptoms of hypochondriasis, and may

parts are notably sensitive to cold. Defective capillary circulation is some- tal derangement called dipsomania, from which recovery is extremely rare. quite himself again for a few days, when one of his domestics was