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.'\ •. v .^ ^....viws, . :i .. :\::v;. \vi:.h perhaps a ifw
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hypodermic injection, and in 516 the animal was anses-
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A word may be said here about a very conmion complaint, myalgia,
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r^-mained six weeks without taking any nourishment what-
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"For these reasons the College consider that this Bill, were it to
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tilages gradually disappear and bony outgrowths, in time, produce
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opinion as to what else occurs as the result of the local trouble. Ordi-
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most always from the chronic ulcer. (5) In the perigastric adhesions
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7,420,000 generations without once changing its character. It is also
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resembling the contracted red kidney, except in color. The usual
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the diaphragm, including, of course, the circulation of the mucous
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his prostate, with a few enlarged lymphatic glands leading from it,
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that she would leave her situation. But no. One morning, on appear-
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of failing health. It is rare for the leading symptoms of Addison's
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the body. The patient complains of an achingpain across both maxillary
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needs of the organism may be taken up into the circulation and, in
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is almost entirely distributed over the laborious period of life, and
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Ddke. -Alex .FRCP The Value of Crude Boracic Acid in the Treatment
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Tynemouth, 'Whitley, Cullercoats, or South Shields, all
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four hours, be shifted to another joint, whereupon the effects of the
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occur as a terminal infection in any chronic constitutional disease.
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that did not think a summer afternoon well lost in listening
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there was much callus thrown out, but that involvement in
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which he states a large proportion of the cases pass in the second week.
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This will render men so pleased with the present life that
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stigmata of an epileptic constitution are described. But more con-
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to do. Neither has he- as he threatened— published our correspondence
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grunt is a sign of great diagnostic importance, especially in children.
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This affection assumes different forms which vary in their causa-
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tumour, slight one-sided pyelitis is Often also induced; for
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simple in its functions, artiiritis or inflammation of joints is the least
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in fact, what happened. The brown (volour gradually changed
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succumbed to some othei disease before the first stage of the
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