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members of the Government, has produced a yet more dis-
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But 1 must ask you to retrace your steps in order to gain a
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chamber, and the eye put thoroughly under the influence of
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on three public occasious. namely : the Royal Agricultural Hall, ^f^cases :
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the records of small-pox prevalence during the period named,
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wished to affirm and inculcate its sacred and authoritative
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injuriously affected his private practice. The only question
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Majesty's Government will shortly announce their accession-
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Birinineham ; J. E. Kilvert. st Thomas's Hospital; J. W. King,
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fatality in Fulham, Chelsea, Hackney, Olerkenwell, Limehouse, St.
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Sonsino, many years ago,' remarked the presence of empty
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•of incision, presented itself, and much difficulty was experi-
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ended March 31st last. This being so, the Editor expresses
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of all persons, irrc'-pective of their pecuniary position, as members of
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to increase the number. The immediate improvement when
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women, whilst bending over the bins, frequently applied'
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University College, agreed that hydrate of alumina was easily soluble in
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old opinion that the supposed increase in cancer is only
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curred in two, and was very weak in a third case. The most
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Sakarah at Memphis." It is supposed to have formed part
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Drainage of Cairo. —For some unexpliiined reason this great question
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delay to the Honorary Secretary of the Committee, Mr. Ernest
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on the legs and thighs. After lasting two or three days the
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BrugBch, trho follows Chabas pretty closely in his rendering
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changes whatever. The only investigators who claim to
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9 It is surprising how much sugar a healthy person can assimilate.
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M.R.C.S.; W. \V. Lake, M.R.C.S., L.S.A.; G. D'A. N. Leake, M.R.C.S.,
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rarium. £luii per annum. Resident Surgical Officer. Salary £130 per
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J^u'tnigfitly lieiieiv, in an article by Mrs. Garrett-Anderson, M D.. which
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ductive of lepers. The perpetual dampness and filth of some
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papers by Drs. Knapp, Burnett, Ed. Jackson, Harlan, Oliver,
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two cases recorded below. It is probably not advisable to
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ine weeks of recent years, can thus be readily seen.
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rarity of angiomata of the hand, and from the fact that the
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metropolis. Round about London, there were many cases in the West
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Sheiffleld York, and Hull. Both Bradford and Keighley had a few attacks.
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H.— In the case of Trinity College, Dublin, (. the King and Queen's
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6th, 1892. From the history it appears that the patient was
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on tlie diagnosis of such cases.— Dr. E. S. Reynolds showed r