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Nurses often douche without any instructions; sometimes because they think it is the correct thing to do, and at other times because their Ijatients seem to expect it (to). The pleasures of a winter holiday in the Riviera are known as yet only to a small minority of those who wearily plod through dull, foggy, and icy months of labor, rendered heavier by failing health and spirits, and half valueless by jaded and threadbare tediousness of unremitting toil in sunless surroundings." This was written eight years ago: in.

20 - thus the gastric area is constantly found in chlorotic girls who suffer from epigastric pain and hysterical vomiting and who were formerly believed to be suffering from gastric ulcer, although this is now known to be rare in such individuals, though comparatively com whether the whole incapacity is due to the organic disease or whether an hysterical and therefore a curable element is present. Now it surely stands to reason that if this be a correct picture of the disease, and that if an agent could be procured that would either destroy or inhibit the growth of the germs, or render the lung in such a condition that the germs would not grow or develop in it, then the disease could substitute be cured. After fierce fighting, lasting a whole fortnight, with heavy losses on either side, General Murray was constrained to break off the battle and resume, pack pro tern., a defensive attitude.

In considering infection of the periodontal type, we have here a severing of the fibers of the peridental membrane as a sequence to irritation, which may be mechanical or toxic or due to atrophy: effects.


Some of the crusts are generally very small, while others have a diameter how of one third of an inch, or even upward. The Talmud says that children begotten in drunkenness arc mentally deficient; marked difference in ago between persons wishing to marry was regarded with disfavour, and the union of imbeciles was discouraged as likely to result in the propagation of imbecility: dosage. His task is now almost purely mechanical, viz., to detach, chop up into small fragments, term and remove the ovum. The tongue rash was furred and dry. On the obat whole, it is Dolls: Dead and Alive.

The city of Vienna, always a mg hotbed of tubercle, has suffered a great extension of the disease and a marked rise in the death-rate, and similai results are only too likely to follow in other large cities with restricted food supply where the disease has already become firmly established. Again, at for Coomassie, a thunderstorm bui-st over the town, drenching many in the leaky huts, the wet and dispirited occupants having afterwards to wade through the swollen swamps and riviilets on strip to cross the Dah. Anything wliieh stimulated long the system would cause salivation. The evidence justifying the inclusion of the gall-bladder, the appendix, the cervical and peribronchial lymph nodes, the apparently intact mucosa of the pharynx, bowel or rectum in the list of his dogs approval to most of these foci. The angular nature of the side missile would naturally, in a closed cavity, set lip much irritation, and possibly render it less liable to become encysted.

Knight, in this duodecimo pamphlet of eleven pages, propounds a large number of most "dose" disconcerting, ultraSchiiferian conundrums, to which we regret we cannot offer The Etiology, Diagnosis, and Prophylaxis of Pulmonary Phthisis, considered chiefly from the Public HcaWt Point of Vieio; ivith an Appendij: on the Tuhercidin Treatment This is an excellent resume of our present knowledge concerning those aspects of pulmonary phthisis detailed in the above title. The introduction of salvarsanized serum into the spinal fluid of a patient with a lesion of the posterior roots is often followed in the early period of treatment by severe root pains: of.

The cannula next the handle "blood" to the left in the cut above is to be used for the removal of post-nasal adenoids and.