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closing of the school should only be resorted to after full
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rence in the pharynx. Reference was made to tlie other modes
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, Metropolitan Counties Branch : Western District.- A meeting of
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plies to large households. The ventilation and cleansing of
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few weeks he will be able to obtain his desired copy. The
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showing what he considered to be the only bodies in carci-
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nated, or as 1 to 466. The attacks in those over 10 years of
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I decided to cup instead. On Marcii Srd, using a cup with a
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stopped it for the time. In combination witli catechu it
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graduate in medicine, and to the public information regarding the
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cold air or water. No treatment beyond warm blankets,
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January 24tli. He is now peeling all over ; on the backs of the hands
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pected, in high terms. But it has its limitations ; it is costly,
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Medica, Lahore Medical College, for nine months from January 21st, en
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strng<Jling and holding the breath can hardly be avoided,
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fathoms, the temperature of which is regulated by surface
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cation, that drinking warm fluids soon after the operation
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of softening and excavation cases, arrest signifies disappear-
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brilliancy of Harvey's discoveries was so great that the light
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Queen's College, Birmingham ; E Johnstone. Owens College. Man-
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itself," and of its privilege as witnessed in " works of mercy
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punishable by a fine of from 100 to 1,000 dollars, to publish
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spent in the tube, but chiefly on the rapidity with which
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cuss the Midwives question will be held on Wednesday next