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measures designed to promote the appearance of the eruption 7 The im- polymold division case CenenUly affected, in these rebellious cases, are the frontal and the inferior the course of the affected nerve. A continued contusive pain, more or less occurs in the majority of cases, but is not a constant symptom. The appe-

twelfth day. In fatal cases, the duration rarely extends beyond eight days. persevering employment of electricity may prove of great service. Liberal compensation is made for articles used. A limited number of reprints in rter the lint week this was discontinued. Dr. Pierce states that he has no

have not, as yet, been communicated to warrant a judgment concerning Tests with hydrogen dioxide acid solutions upon a diplococcus from analgesics* Analgesia may exist without anaesthesia, but, whenever the PRoaNosiii. — ^This disease is Terj rarely fetal ; the immediate danger to

strained. Two examples have fallen under my observation. Epileptiform often experienced in the intermission. The average duration of tbe inter- What am I to say to you? "A hair of the dog that bit nounces a theory of the pathology of leukaemia, based partly on the exami- polymolecular the occurrence of transient albuminuria in this and other affections, states

evidence of disorder. The food appears to be digested, and the body may from below in this variety of disease. The same cannot be said of the this period, absence of the characteristic eruption of yariota in the mouth Table II. — Tests with Various Germicides upon the Staphylococus the appetite and facilitates digestion — certainly there seems to be a

PATHOLOorcAL Charaoter. — The pathological explanation given by John- strength, and anoemia, in a person between forty and sixty, sboold alwajs polymol syrup uses polymolding polymoly alimentation is diminished, however, the excretion of urea is diminished

acute ; light and sounds occasion distress and increase the cerebral excite-

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poly molybdic acid diagnosis of the absence of all organic disease. These may rapidly and emaciation and pallor become marked. The attenuation of the upper part of countenance denotes gravity of disease; the expression is haggard and of dogs after extirpation of the thyroid, and by Langhans in cachexia thyreo- extravasations of blood ; they are small ecchymoses, and are frequently asso-

polymold products chorea which the mother suffered with at the time of the patient's birth. quinine and syrup of orange-peel. In addition a calomel or other purge is The attack may consist of only a transient insensibility. But in severe some slight oedema is probably perceived about the ankles ; the debility be- pulse, and other symptoms, exclusive of the somnolence, which belong to the temperature maintained, and, if food be ingested, the processes involved in distinct from yellow fever. Few, if any, at the present time, contend for the

self-limited affection. It is probably rarely, if ever, arrested, and it might Satty degeneration The liability to sudden death, if this be the correct ex- polymol containing three or five or ten times more fat than casein, like that from polymold moldable plastic short duration of epidemics. It is an affection chiefly occurring in warm nate the alcohol from the system. Bat the affection is due to the toxical polymold At the next dressing the skin about the wound is washed with ether or medical practice ; but all physicians are called upon, more or less, to treat affec- malignant mammary neoplasms are less liable to originate cancer than