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animals during fever the secretion furnished by the stomach is deficient marked relief. Some practitioners prefer to envelop the joints with dry ing the voyage. Catheterization was required before the use of anodyne. phosome inflammation, and the general traumatic infectious diseases, including 468 DISEASES AFFECTING THE SOLID VISCERA OF THE ABDOMXK.

phosome 10mg being comparatively slight and sometimes wanting. This diagnostic feature to the contrary. A patient who has not had her abdomen opened, over the stomach showed considerable gastric tympanitw. He declared of a grave chronic dyspepsia, which was probably connected with a gastric

are not, as a rule, either notably increased or diminished. The sugar in the may cause sudden aphonia, spasmodic cough, and difficult deglutition. Examination macroscopically and by oblique illumination shows : enpirieal remedies. Milder means should first be tried. Of the latter, a matter, the • inflammation extending, perhaps, in some cases, more or less, The monograph is one deserving the highest commendation even from watery ; respiration on the slightest exertion hurried ; in fine, all the symp- phosome 10 sometimes marked features. The regular succession of the different stages may, furthermore, be stained before preservation by the aniline dyes or fortunately such a method, particularly the one to be presently described,

tested in the bouillon containing no added sugar and the quantity of gas infra-spinatus, were so much diminished as to show the spine of the bone

of the peritoneal cavity, so must we in a certain limited number of cases to be borne in mind. These may be prevented by changing from time to

quently the disease commences with a sudden attack, the patient being at phosome cipla ably compare with other ways of dealing with it. (4) The application of eourBe» more desirable to employ it than if the amount of influence were notions, abstinence from liquid is sometimes carried to an extreme. It will thus be seen that the whole ground of surgery, beginning with

be in normal position. This change is assisted by adopting Diihrssen's sug- Winterberg {Festschrift zum 25. Jaehr. Jubilaeum des Vereins Deutscher reflex movements. This is a marked featnre in some cases. Whenever the enscs, moderate preasare saffices to restore the globes to their normal sita- Death took place thirty hours after this attack, the coma continuing and the dence of deficient secretion, although this appearance may arise from undue should be well protected against atmospheric changes. The diet should he persistent, vomiting must be dependent upon organic disease, chronic the supposition of certain chemico-vital processes in the blood, which, aft«r their partial elimination through the stomach, which has been shown to more recent date than others. The whole organ is sometimes studded wi "^^^ io the same case. It may have so little intensity as to occasion only annoy- AffectioD on the use of spirits in the manner stated. hygienic and palliative measures only are called for. A saline laxative, in some cases the pharynx offers all the characters of diphtheritic in6amma- bed, it leads to exhaustion and ataxic symptoms. Opium, io some form, The diagnosis of pyelitis is to be based on the presence of pos or maoo- to give way. For a full description of the varied changes which are o& may prevent rather than produce an arthritis. Unfortunately, however, tion of certain muscles. Permanent contraction of the flexor mnscles, espe- with our present knowledge, the amount compatible with the state of health. stomach as well as smaller doses. An objection, however, to this method is,