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lent of any reagent is 1 mole divided by the total number of elec-
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and extensive patches of urticaria, and the still more common sudaminal
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complains of a hot, flushed feeling in the face and neck, note-
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children. The laryngeal affection is either primary (diphtheritic or mem-
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anemia, I wish to call your attention to the fact that such cases
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off the C0 2 before titrating to the true end-point. Sodium
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since ignorance, fraud, deceit are more characteristic offsprings
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duce conditions differing essentially from pre-existing ones. Artificial
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Note. The nuclei, centrosomes, fibroglia, myoglia, fibrin, and contractile
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Practical Anatomy. — A recent exchange states that in one of the New England
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of fluid. Wrap the containers in cotton held in place
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caught in the surface film can usually be detached by
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b. Trypanosoma Cruzi (Chagas' Disease.) This is a trypano-
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stimulating influence of added 0.2 to 0.4 percent agar
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may also show purpura. It would appear that the bleeding in
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thick and reddish in colour, (5) while gangrenous pus is usually associated
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water. The solution is then treated with nitrite, etc., as
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Silicea. ■— Eruption on back of the head and behind the ears,
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down to no. The rest of the history of the case is beside
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minutes are required for the loss to amount to 1 part
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with string and sealed with wax at the top, bottom, free edge,
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sition. If the blood is drawn above the mark, draw the
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solutions are completely mixed, dilute with water to a volume of
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suppose that the poison has been inhaled, it is easy to see how the germs
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asks, " How is the evil to be adequately met?" He thinks it
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characteristic growth on blood agar plates, the absence of growth
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Circulatory and Hemopoietic System. — The pulse is increased in
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symptom. Case II was almost free from cough during her
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the bugbear of a preliminary examination ! That was entirely out
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he could not stand still. School work began to tire him and the
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tests are performed by dissolving 0.5 gm of powdered
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directions : — (a) Into the larynx and trachea ; (5) into the nasal cavities,
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