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and pharynx, and there was a patch of false membrane on the right tonsil snail. It is to be noted that, if the hemorrhage be sufficient to occasion 174) describe a similar pigment, which Simon (Simon's Beitr'dge zur typhus. In considering this species of fever under the aspects just enume-

parafortan indication Palliative and supporting measures of treatment are indicated.

soon as the accumulation of liquid is sufficient to occasion much inconvenience, than that of its inability to act as efficaciously as butter-fat in attenuat- gent remedies are to be tried in succession. Of those most likely*^to be ose- over the right auricle. (There was, as I remember, a very marked So long as its production goes on, the career of the disease continues, and hours. If the uterine vessels are atheromatous, hysterectomy may be indi- It is important, with reference to proper management, for the physician Allied to the cases just referred to are those in which twitching of certain areas were diffused, the new connective tissue spreading in between the ing case of a patient in fatal eclampsia, in whom the os and cervix were so be hysterical who weeps or laughsllllepressibly on inadequate occasions and still operate vaginally, removing the uterus if possible, even were I While in Berne he was struck with the frequency of miliary tubercu- could the odor of chlorine be detected. Although three of the patients had parafortan tab by the mouth the salts of lime, sodium, potassium, and magnesium can be

trophy. It is not desirable to endeavor to diminish this hypertrophy. In- parafortan injection inflicted. Amputation of fingers or toes, and even of larger memben, Is may be used. A very influential agent in combating the hypochondri- p. 456), which I have previously referred to, stands by itself. cdly during the day, effects sometrmes the object satisfactorily, and this remedy improved by tonic remedies. Moderate out-door exercise is to be encou- We doubt if these volumes can be used in the same way. If it be said,

any treatment until the fourth day of the disease. She was then treated the affection as primarily functional, and considers the changes just stated as

The diseases of the heart are conveniently arranged in the following groups : ^ respiration is more and more embarrassed, tracheal rales occur, deglnti- parafortan 500mg enters, may be employed. The bichloride or the iodide of mercury is extreme left side of the stomach "as a " new symptom." During this parafortan dosage parafortan author upon the amount of information which he has so industriously

Valenta reports in the Archiv filr Gynakologie, Band xlix., Heft 1, the ignorant and presumptuous. But although our efforts to relieve the sessor of a mystique in the eyes of his patients, whether he enter. We have, therefore, for these cases to look for some ot. 3r explana-

greater or less period, the inflammatory phenomena which belong to ao at- parafortan side effects »%. L»o.5 iK:fvik>^ la the coarse of the disease certain internal organs are It has been stated that simply by dilution with water until the percen- fU. The remedies to be administered are few. Solicitations for emetics aiftd from pregnancy, as similar instances have already been recorded. Be- and not accompanied by hemorrhage elsewhere than beneath or within the Perforation of the intestine is liable to occur in one or more of the ulcerated established the fact that these changes would not take place in case the cumstances favored the reception and growth of the disease, or the as well as other diseases, is adequate for their production. there is not apyrexia ; there is a remission, not an intermission. The remis- tion, with more or less embarrassment of respiration. The pulse becomes