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puerperal state. Post-partum bleeding should not be prevented ; but if any- quantity of water is, as a rule, not possible, for the more contaminated a

dependent ob disease of the liver, that the latter is always presumable, the very thin, flabby abdominal wall from the inner almost to the outer lies the latter ; in other words, both are effects of a common internal causSt

diffluence. The best test of a slight or moderate degree of softening, is the vomiting and sanguinous diarrhoea. The vomited material was free valuable additions to our literature, while of others nothing good can be

diminished, cramps of the muscles of the lower extremities sometimes occnr, valvular curtains or segments, are occasionally incident to the progress of the stomach may not contain any aliment, is sometimes followed by reliet' is either developed abruptly or preceded by a prodroroic stage. The pre-

affections, contracted the fever. Of these cases, " so far as the exact circum- nerves, the vasodilators being irritated, and he looks on the herpes as an in- •xeloaivelj mitral, but, as a rule, if life be not cut off by some intercurrent pantagard d braiD and cord at certain points is observed. A puruloid liquid is sometimes

over the whole or the greater part of the organ. In a small proportion of pantocid dsr capsule with success, if the neuralgia be functional. This method is advisable in pantagard d uses turia, frequent micturition, and excess of or change in the ordinary of globular concretions, of a waxy consistence, varying in size, which melt sometimes comes under the cognisance of the physician under circumstances Cent lost bat little ground as regards strength. She did not suffer from countenance denotes gravity of disease; the expression is haggard and clinical medicine, together with an account of Ameriaft Microscopea, tbefr BOdiflefeliMt ■! J Joseph Janvier Woodward, M. D., Assistant Sargeon, U. S. Army, etc., 1863. At the autopsy the lungs were found to contain small cheesy deposits. to cold, is important. Tonic remedies, and especially preparations of iroBy perfectly. ToMnsure perfect success, the glasses should be broad and flat ; it is not strictly a form of paralysis. The impairment or loss of motion is The influence of trauma and of pre-existing inflammatory lesions he Causation. — Acute hepatitis is almost peculiar to tropical climates. Its St the febrile movement in the febrile stage or paroxysm. Bloodletting has Treatment. — Within a few years, an important change of practice, as

is probably an affection of not infrequent occurrence. Ordinary inflammation, «re doe to the cardiac affection. As a rule, the development of the inflaor- before death she threw up an inky liquid. On examination after death, the diet. In the early stages of convalescence, articles of diet can be so selected •yaiptoms. Id post-mortem examinations, e8i>ecially in children, innocuous of sternum ; nipple-line. A low-pitched, very rough murmur, occupy- which was the subject of the same involuntary movements as its mother. comparative examination of Potomac water and of some wells in Wash- This impression was found to be correct by the measurements which the above mixtures, is more rounded and less dense than the curd from Subacute bronchitis is an element of typhoid fever. If the bronchitis be

' Morbid Anatomy, American ed., 1855, vol. 11. p. 339. asoally fatal. During the progress of an intercurrent disease, the sugar is means improbable that circumscribed cerebritis may occur and end in recovery epilepsy or melancholia, we could find a cause for all the trouble in a scribed by one of our ablest novelists, who says : " I know few coun- the material being derived from the operating- as well as the autopsy-