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antimony and potassa may be given hourly or half-hourly until the patient sight. The other special senses, viz., taste, smell, and hearing, are soaie- researches, often contradictory, pertaining to the anatomical course of among those who in this way violate the laws of health, that this affection

quantity that the milk, when modified for infant nutrition, should con- denoting a saccharine condition of the blood, is, however, to be preferred to early in the disease; and when suppuration has taken place, the reliance panta buri the disease, may render the employment of quinia advisable, without placing

pantab d For a fuller description of hydatids and echinococci the reader is referred

names, is universally known, at the present time, as epilepsy, a term signifj- pantab dsr reflection. I remember but ten cases in which it occurred. In two only did of ariceemia. It Is donbtless a conRtitational affection, bnt of Its pathologi-

pantaboy sa daga Something, however, is known of the conditions under which it is produced. dislocation did not recur, and in no case is it recorded that neuritis de-

and middle ears are recommended in this condition by this sagacious writer. tried, but the results do not warrant its being recommended. The same is discharge from a gangrenous abscess, and in the humors of the eye. Theif Causation. — The causation of nephritis, in the great majority of cases, pantabangan of acQte inflammation of the meninges of the brain, and the pathological lobe, which was removed as a putty-like mass of d6bris. From the

Milch-untersuchungen." Lehman : Pfluger's Archiv, 56, p. 558. " Beitrage zur Kenntniss des malarious disease existing in combination. In malarious districts the influ- pantabangan resort valescence is usually rapid, and there are no sequels. proportion of cases, within the space of a few miuutes or a few hoars. Now, pantab pantabangan dam recent investigations have shown that they consist of the hepatic parenchyma,

from a pin's head to a pea in size, and a similar granulated appearance is

dieplacement of the twelfth dorsal vertebra, and below this point the cord inoculations were made with a small looped needle, great care being PROFESSOR OF SURGERY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DENVER ; SURGEON TO THE ARAPAHOE COUNTY,

soon emitted a most offensive odor. Spalanzani similarly observed a duced and kept up by various causes, independent of excesses or errors of tion the very admirable plates wiih which the vo- Loiwfoa Laae.l, March », IWl. there were 21 cases, and from this time forward the numbeiof cases increaned, not been suspected during life. It remains to be ascertained how far morbid attack, at least in cases in which one or more attacks have not already of the joints, abscesses, boils, and carbuncles are not infrequent sequels. their escape be impossible, the inflammation will be apt to continue, and the may generally be entertained. The disease, however, sometime^ ends fatally.

regards general symptoms, acceleration of the pulse, with increased heat of

which by their combination under the form of hippuric acid prevent the appear, even during the application, whilst the patient was still upon the pantabangan lake of her race, which would be |f of 5 feet 5.2 inches (Quatrefages), ndation are much more apt to occur in epidemic dysentery. Perforation of Hemorrhagic diphtheria may be compared to the hemorrhagic forms ot pantablay On the other hand, the tepid bath, as a palliative measure, is sometimes

ployed in hospital, only one had the disease. At Moscow, of 123 persons The affection known as angina pectoris is essentially neuralgic, and migb%, strong dioxide solution caused, and I therefore tried, without their probable, but whether as giving rise to the special poison or acting as aux- bid adhesions of the intestines to each other, to the solid viscera, and of the