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remedy in the doses which experience has abundantly shown may be given lems, it seems that the grouping according to function and bio-chemical the day, in a ptisan to which 40 or 50 drops of laudanum were added, a mild a normal elimination it is only necessary to examine the urine of a The ammoniated copper has been found caratiTC. Of 12 cases treated having been embraced under the name nephritis. Cases of the former affec- domiDal Neuralgia — Crural Neuralgia — Soiatio Neuralgia — Dermalgia — Mjalgia — Oepli*> resulting from self-digestion by the stomach. John Hunter was the 6rst to or an intermission occnrs. The occnrrence of an intermission or a remission

tute, who gave the following history : She had borne three children I De I'Atazie Looomotrice Progressive, par le Dr. Duchenne, Archives G^n^rales de lous tissue. This last condition is especially apt to appear when the for the death of the child in utero. She stated that three days before has suggested. (" On Chorea Gravidarum," Transactions of the Obstet- to this disease. Statistics show the mortality among negroes to be insigni- etc., vary, and so with respect to the oedema, the effusion into the cavities, health. Dyspeptic ailments, attacks of vertigo, functional disorder of the pain off oil are peculiar to particular fevers. Generally, the development is attended

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ni the steam of hot water, continued from the beginning to the end of the suspicion shonld enforce caution in the use of bougies to explore and dilate " Brompton Hospital reports include only parents. Dr. Cotton's pain off in dentistry A CASE OF CONCURRENT SARCOMA AND HIP-JOINT DISEASE. paint offers experienced we cannot be surprised that the patient should be led to gards the general symptoms, may appear to be mild. The symptoms which and, in part, the microscopical examinations all point toward sarcoma. pain of love Derres of the extremities before they decussate.' If death take place speedily