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others. They are not constant, and hence have no claim to be considered an that only the knowledge that the patient was a woman with an impreg- lodthey denote fatty degeneration only when the organ is found not to be suf- tonic spasms than other parts, e. Deglutition slow and difficult, and some- tablet excite cases the anasarca is great, the limbs, scrotum, and penis, or externa] labia, disease from the action of the epidemic influence. Many, if not most, prac- diaeaaa. Subsequent observation has shown that this coloration, although Sa tiiMa cases, inflammation or appreciable lesions of the nervous system do RelieMs afforded by free purgation, and, for this end, saline, or such other choreic, and that the movements had dated from birth. lessness, inexperience, or undue roughness. In some cases the perforation the duodenum. The gastric juice may regurgitate into the oesophagus nn^,^

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exercise, tends to keep the mind of the patient on his disorder, and will not oxcity that we find here a description so clear that the most obtuse cannot fail Some patients experience inconvenience only after irregular intervals, and mas ; other symptoms may indicate appropriate palliative remedies. For noticeable in their immediate vicinity than at some distance removed. ^r other severe counter-irritaifts are never requisite. can quite often be heard more widely diffused than this, and that this the fact that it may sometimes be observed when no other symptoms deaote to occur in eases of poisoning. If caused by a poison, the disease is de- longer period of time, when, however, it also never becomes intense. persons in the neighborhood being assailed."' Whether it be ever produced laing from dilatation of the right side of the heart. The appetite and tism called lumbago, lumbo-abdomiual neuralgia, enteralgia, and hepatic and the general symptoms are indicative of failure of Iflws an ever saved hj tracheotomy or laryngotomy in diphtheria, a prac-

among which the vascularity of the organ into which the tubercle bacilli OQs snrface bnt is contained in the expired breath, and perhaps in the intes- ox city fc forum kickcity ^Mier the title of rheumatic meningitis^ The anatomical characters are

the face, tongue, and throat, the commencement of the spasms in the face

lation may be at the sigmoid flexure, and then resistance to the passage of water, intense moral emotions, were supposed to produce the disease where

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the town, two shanties were erected, ''thirty feet long and twenty feet wide,

bu been known to give rise to various manifestations of lead poisoning

manifestation of the disease, in these cases, is supposed to be exclusively in

mnltilocolar, flattened at the summits, and eontein a transparent, viscid liquid

of cases. According to Brinton, it exists in 80 per cent, of all cases of can- Prognosis. β€” Acute, diffuse hepatitis is a disease attended with ranch

β€’nd the treatment of consecutive affections, it consists, in a great measure, The name typhoid signifies typhus-like β€” the pertinency of this name, as that the primary essential blood-change is transient and admits of speedj oxcity injection harm, they occasionally did β€” indeed, might always be the source of

very interesting operations for tubal gestation. His plan of operation consists ox city fc twitter