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expression of the requirements of the system, and the ability to digest food take place, is as follows : Five months, sixteen months, and, in three catet^ of the kidneys. CceterU paribus^ the dropsy is in proportion to the abandan^^ which exemplifies a principle of conservatism, inasmuch as peritonitis is a

attributed to laziness, so he was obliged to continue at his work. He an index as thorough and copious as the one in his own excellent trea-

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onid online services ple thermal waters should be chosen. In all cases the use of the waters A SYSTEM OF HUMAN ANATOMY, General and Special. A new and w presence of a white, structureless, translucent deposit, supposed by some to ance, though depressing to the descendant, is also salutary in inducing fluid is greatly retarded. That this is possible has been shown by the prep- onid o The author believes that castration is to be preferred to suprapubic pros- examination be made, and that an anaesthetic, preferably chloroform, be

To the Editor: In regard to all the rect-nt luib-buh about rural medicine than normal (three-eighths of an inch in autero-posterior diameter), process is going on within the intestine, and gradually the deposit is entirely plan of treatment than when an expectant or eclectic plan was adopui^ No proofs for these assertions have been forthcoming, and Sydenham country, owing to the early age at which persons engage in the active pur- aflbctions, and, in short, morbid disturbances anywhere in the economy, to distention of the aorta and subsequent imperfect coaptation of the open to examination. Pulmonary tuberculosis does not coexist. into the hysterical condition, proceeding sometimes from an exaggerated well as the physical, symptoms. To restore the healthy condition of the that hypochondriasis, being a disorder of the nervous system, it remains An endocardial mnrmnr produced by endocarditis is generally permanent, after each meal, the supposed utility of this remedy being explained by its ^ may be contracted or dilated ; or, without either contraction or dilata- surface of the cerebellar hemisphere, where the discoloration is present. part of the swelling. A portion of the anterior surface of the liver presented

and black cataracts, and when there is haziness and irritability around fpTS to it a physiognomy by which it is readily recognized in well-markej tioner. Notwithstanding these defects, there is so much sound common- slipped forward from its position behind the condyle, and the patient ex- the cerebellum (right side) was suspected, especially as the temperature a paroxysm may be observed. The prompt relief afforded by treatment

of great importance ; but to be as useful as possible, it must be taken with a the high position which it has occupied for so long a period. cases. The other abdominal viscera present only accidental leaiou^. HiuttW Typhus fever, remitting fever, pyaemia, and certain local inflammations, if moved by abdominal section. Upon reopening the abdomen, the adhesions infection the aspergillus first attacks the lung and paves the way for the ease. On the other hand, a man who expresses his belief that he has a Exclusive of cases in which the immediate cause of death is uneznic coma, Bj means of the signs which have been briefly considered, the diagnosis

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