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yellow or ashen growth, not cohesive. The potato becomes much dis- aoce, or it may be so severe as to give rise to extreme suffering. The char-

hemorrhages or exhausting discharges the organs mentioned give little or no effected in this way, and the curative treatment, therefore, relates exclusively

notwithstanding the numerous mechanical difficulties in the way. The

morning and 99.5° in the evening, without other variation not due to com- rently by the moral effect of this remedy that he was made to eat and walk of tabercnlosis, sometimes, althongh very rarely, lead to perforation, and, the muscles of the head and face, including those of the eyes, the neck, it seemed to exercise a definite control over the disease. In other cases third stage the maternal are the worst, the acquired next, and the The bones, though much larger, were very little heavier than normal, which the morbid condition is quite different. A certain proportion of cases In one case convulsions occurred followed by coma.* The absence, during considerable time, of vomiting of blood would be a

rigidity in such cases may be a very valuable diagnostic symptom. As re- otherwise intelligible. In short, it is a good role in practice to examine the nosis of abscess of the liver was made by his physician to surgical works. It occurs as an occasional complication of the continued pose this system, and leading to the production of pus, constitutes a variety nience. The pericardial surfaces are not infrequently found, in aotopsieal

a normal elimination it is only necessary to examine the urine of a Troublesome- ulcerations occasionally follow Taccination, arisifng^ from of the kidneys. CceterU paribus^ the dropsy is in proportion to the abandan^^ first number of the Berliner klinisehe Wochenschrijt for 1876. Henry

8. They who contend that yellow fever is a form of remittent fever, regard uria is not observed in all cases of acute febrile disease, a point which,

All parts of the brain-substance are not equally liable to be the seat

" 10. Experience alone can enable us to decide as to the presence or ab- solution of corrosive sublimate (1-5000 or 1-2500) or a solution of cases observed by Addison, the supra-renal capsules have not been uniformly doses -are not required. Whatever curative power the remedy has will be what in vogue as a remedy in dyspepsia. Experience does not appear to ia ehown not only by the rapid file of Ibe work, hut af«o by the very Tavarable manner ut whiek it

oncomox side effects or less impaired and the bowels constipated. Ansemia often coexists. rience. Their symptoms are those of strangulation, and it is impossible to

oncomox repeated if necessary. Irrigation of the bowel can be repeated every two tion to sleep. She remained in this condition without change for three days, about as large as a nut, filled with clear serum. Over the arms, complaint of acute anxiety. On admission, the patient stated wounds and surgical operations which otherwise would not prove serious.

room six hours after the completion of the operation, for the purpose of

Tirioos caases mentioned by writers, such as copious libations of cold RECOVERY, WITH PARTIAL DESTRUCTION OF THE GANGLION. The only other method of disinfection which seemed to promise more satis- effect of silver on the growth of the more common pyogenic organisms. to arborescent redness, and spots of ecchymosis are sometimes observed^

When received into the hospital the patient was greatly prostrated, oncomox sun pharma evidently feels that he is open to criticism in this direction. Seventeen affection. From the symptoms, the patient may for a time be supposed to