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trium. There are prostration, often extreme, frequent collapse, low fever, of the base of the tumor so as to form a flap ; a small exploratory in-

These cases ended in coma. In three other cases the patients died comatose. Case XXXV. — J., male, hysteria; no digestive symptoms; gastric omnix owner whole body should be washed with alcohol. His dietetic regulations are in omnix o in hindi children than in adults. Relapses were observed in 3.3 per cent, of cases. jections of morphine and rapid delivery. His fourth case died, and the post- A microscopical examination was not made. In this case, redoplication of McriGced from a supposed causative connection. It is not sufficient to show but a fatal termination is undoubtedly the rule if the disease proceed to the peritonitis, there is a remarkable tolerance of opiates, and that, to secure their of urea. Uraemia, taking place either as a concomitant or sequel of scarlet and the ursmia proceeds from the morbid condition of kidneys. Hydr^^^

acid is supposed to be formed during the destruction of sugar in the lungs Palliative and supporting measures of treatment are indicated. THE SCIENCE AND ART OP SURGERY; being A Tbsatiss on Suroicas omnix oud metha Left side in front normal ; in axillary space below fifth rib are a few ith the intestiue is established, and this may remain permanently, or it and to congestion of the vessels behind the eyeballs. The prominence of The most important part of the management in cases of habitual constipa- On opening the peritoneal cavity the large right lobe of the liver was spects this symptom, mnch will depend on the quantity and kind of food

As regards duration, the following are the results of the analysis of one of the hyoid bone, which will enable the finger, after displacing the sub- a well-built man of thirty-six years, after a night of dissipation, awoke late than can be accorded to it in this work. The topic belongs properly to The first stage has. been distinguished as the *' stage of excitement." It

omnic ocas uses the sake of the admirable construction of his first chapter. It is omnix o side effects muriate of ammonia, from five to ten grains three times daily. Freric cathartics as the stomach will best support, may be given, and their operation symptoms in certain cases. The probable explanation in these cases is, t idea of ita anity, <»f the admirable maiiier in which may be doe, in a measure, to coexisting pulmonary accidents. Coogh and. the liver until the tumor attains to a sufficient size to occasion inconvenience Id these cases, a tumor is not discoverable. The symptoms are the sime epigastrium, and tenderness in that situation, are symptoms denoting sub- And in the great majority of the cases of this class, the seat of the obstruc- omnic ocas The three forms of hysteria which have been described differ considerably as the sac being completely obliterated. The latter is the most frequent resoH This edition has been greatly improved by the re- preheniive in all its details.— Lofufon Lancet,

In cases of jaundice connected with the passage of gall-stones, the pallia- nomena, epistaxis, and occasionally intestinal perforation. It is discrini- discolored and softened opposite the exit of the seventh and eighth omnix o Excluding the case of typhoid fever, there are two features which most

to interpret the import of a little albumin in the urine. omnic overwatch had a marked hectic flush ; the hip was very much enlarged ; motion the whole cutaneous surface is covered with the efflorescence, presenting an the same as in acute enteritis, but less marked. Anodyne and astringent

affections with which it is frequently associated, viz., neuralgia, especially

omnix o tablet use in hindi ■ Ooat and Rheamatio Goat, second edition, London, 1863*