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The disease with which emphysema is especially liable to be confounded ia

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sive, indolent and chronic in its nature, and has little tendency to

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chus. This occurs most frequently in the young with thin chest walls. In

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insertion of the eoraco-brachialis muscle. The axillary artery may be

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signs vary according to the intensity of the inflammation. Pains are

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of the nutrition to a part, and, inasmuch as this may occur without in-

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Sjrmptoms. — As the symptoms of acute enteritis vary with the portion

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rial changes are thus most frequently associated with some form of nephri-

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from exhaustion, without a single objective symptom of abscess, and yet a

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Inherited Tendency. — At present proof is wanting that the bacillus is

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toms are constant. In cancer of the liver in thin subjects, immovable

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associated with cancer of the lungs, or mediastinum. Under these circum-

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the disease, should receive a most nutritious diet ; and as failure of the

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vanced heart disease. Where the coagula are of small size, and the coagu-

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acquired impairment of the elasticity of the lungs which renders them more

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will often be found most advantageous ; stimulants must only be taken in

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mucus. The urine is scanty and very dark colored ; in one-third of the

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standing, a yellowish-green sediment is precipitated which, as long as the

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moved or its predisposing power diminished. It is doubtful whether there

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"When pyaemia is its cause, the abscesses are wedge-shaped, and colonies

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there is no danger to the joint. The patient should be instructed to use

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digestion ; creosote and sulphite of eodium are of service when acid fermen-

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removed. It is an animal suture and is best sterilized by boiling for

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general heat of the body. I have also in some instances found the body

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disease, it choosing an erratic course, but this is explained by

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the new connective-tissue is liable to become gradually and slowly stretched,

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furred tongue, bitter taste in the mouth, etc.), which can properly be

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ing typhoid fever, after some months an abscess may arise.