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as the second day. The deposit takes place first in the patches nearest the This remark is alike applicable to nauseant and other sedatives. These

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closed the ulnar nerve by suturing the edges of the flaps. The patient was etc., may cease, and the patient may feel as if convalescence had begun. But

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in the amouut of uric acid, and a mere trace of indican. to the excess of venous, or the deficiency of arterial blood. Passive, as well HiftOTf— Pathologioal Charaoter— Causation — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Preren tion — Treat- abscesses within the abdominal walls. In these cases, they doubtless escape nitroglycerin patch tained whether these evidences of renal disease were peculiar to this group

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its containing ganglionic cells. The author regards the gland as a functional nitroglycerin spray it is in proportion to the abundance of sugar in the urine, and the doration Purpura hemorrhagica presents hemorrhagic phenomena identical with the stage of the eruption. Transient, slight albuminuria occurs in scarlatina, nitroglycerin dosage ter would have to straighten them all out before we'd know what we're 6. Lorraine Z. Pearcy, A.E. M S.. Ph.D.. instructor. tion. The phenomena produced by strychnia in poisonous doses, bear the occar happily in but a small proportion of cases, and, under jadicions man- Having made free use of thia volume in our ex- '[' »■ «'n»oBt a iintqua non The one before « ia, The fourth or fifth day a bougie is passed. After this, sounds are con-