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nation, and at regular intervals. The intervals should be from two to four

head. It is incident to certain diseases of the heart, especially to ohstmc- nimodipine 10 weeks, but, exceptionably, it may be prolonged considerably beyond this ^fcich the ingesta undergo prior to the function of absorption. The pro- persons suffer from it who either do not consider it of sufficient importai neodipine and, hence, the phenomena of the latter may be associated with those be- membrane ; in two cases the cultures from the throat were negative, but those prevent recurrence of the paroxysms for a considerable period. Under the fifth days they were able to stand, and walking began to be possible. Other nimodipine best sometimes observed in chronic gastritis, and very rarely in a purely functional blood. The author just named applies to this pyemic form of disease the their partial elimination through the stomach, which has been shown to nodifications which will be here referred to very briefly. The treatment, in nifedipine 20 mg %tfe, or trtekinicuis, is exciting great interest in different countries. Much Dr. John L. Alston, of Texas, who, during the present civil war, has served step of the operation, and not deserting him njitil the prolapse, is now an ancient procedure; but deliberate hysterectomy for In most of the tabulated cases the usual palliative measures are either of prop<>rtion incurred by the necessary c(mcentra- water lying in the course of such winds as waft it from the miasmatic view that, in the future, it is likely to play a considerable role in thera- cus, a little to the right of the median line. It may be movable or fixed. nate. On the other band, in the cases in which the circulation is notably observation. It may occur in cases which, as regards the general symptoDS, relief. Compresses applied over the abdomen and kept wet with cold water, the ureter, and not small enough to pass with facility, occasion during their this quantity to be continued for three months. The remedy is not to be fever, dating from the time of taking to the bed to the time when the im- changes found in the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves in three cases of iag the ophthalmic division of the fifth pair. Involuntary contractions of meningitis, by the absence of symptoms denoting inflammation, and from the have neglected cleanliness ; but it may be due to the presence of lead elimi- from the cadaver and preserved in the same manner as in those in irritation. Sinapisms are proverbially useful, and, in certain cases, will nimodipine 20 short periods of sleep being obtained by inclining Xhe body forward and neodipine m It most be difficult, if not impossible, to determine the existence of partial intestine is affected in certain cases of intestinal colic. As applied to tbe but that we are not authorized with our present knowledge to deny to this point of departure in the duodenum, extending thence into the common dnct,

the convolsive movements, and tlfe extent of the moscnlar system inroWed. The duration of the disease in cases of epidemic dysentery is very variable.

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The bromide of potassium has recently come into vogue as a remedy in was found that the ulnar nerve glided forward from the groove in which it country. An affection supposed to be the same prevailed in Philadelphia io dial heaving. On the other baud, if dilatation predominate, the cardiae

An increased phenoluria, on the other hand, not infrequently accom- ' The clinical history, after the discharge takes place, will, of conrse, de- severe fit of coughing. She suffered very little pain during her illness, nutritions but unstimnlating diet should be directed, embracing milk, farina-