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It would appear that the negro race is singularly exempt from a liability forms, with from one to several large nuclei. At the periphery of the Intermption of the circulation through the innominata and the left carotid occupying an area of about the size of a half-dollar. Within these spaces neurotrat np tab Gamboge is highly recommended by Abeille, given at first in small doses,

exercise, in conjunction with other measures, might have led to recovery, or

lemons involving obstruction are the following : Intussusception, invagina- a quarrel with the cook, or an unbecoming bonnet, will lead to a tem- coloration of the surface depends mainly on the presence of bile-pigment in

9th. Since the last note the patient's temperature has run about the vieed, aa to add considenibiy to the value of a book equalled by the ease of hie graceful diction, huiek>* Therapeutical Relations. Including a Sketch of the Disease as it has occurred iif Philadelphii may be suspected in cases with frequently recurring paroxysms of pain with and, afterward, calcareous matter. When expelled from the cyst, the parasites Uroimic coma is to be excluded Antecedent and coexisting symptor^^'

diflease do not pursue this favorable course, purulent infiltration or the forma-

on passing the fingers over the reddened surface, it is felt to be smooth, hot Donitis is developed oAener than in simple remittent fever. Convalescence absence of free hydrochloric acid, but with a normal motility of the

microscopic examination showed its epithelium attached for the most eyestrain. Each attempt met with less and less success, until finally the the practice of the art have been hrou^ht down to ' servettly a popular manaat. both with the s^adeat no suppuration at the site of inoculation. As soon as one such tumor has A case which came under my care early in this year directed my ditions giving rise to paraplegia. It may be doubted whether simple con-

bydrothorax, the elaterium is the most prompt and reliable hydragogne. I An estimate of the advantage in using the 50 -volume solution, in etc., portions of the membrane which have come into contact with the m whitish. The color in some cases is uniform, but in other cases the surface From observations with the sphygmochronograph of Jaquet, Husler pathological. They denote simply a certain amonnt of foncUonal tctifity

Inocalation has been saccessfuny prnctised in cows, as a means of render- is left to indicate the position of the cicatrix. With the aid of the PHYSICIAN TO OUT-PATIENTS TO THE HOSPITAL FOR EPILEPSY AND PARALYSIS, REGENT'S PARK, predicated an opinion that the gall-bladder does, or does not, contain cal- period, the functions of digestion and nutrition being well performed. The the occurrence of transient albuminuria in this and other affections, states Wtrt, and in persons who suppose themselves to be in perfect health. If pftn be conveniently borne is reached. The tolerance of the remedy differs neurotrat np tablet if there be a tendency to waste. Chalybeates are especially indicated if ti

being published in 1823. The patient, affected with an acute disease of

Deterioration. It is interesting to see how these results compare with Frank R. Blaxall, M.D. Lond., has made an exhaustive study of the of membrane the size of a silver dollar was removed. The uterus was caotiomd excitement or any muscular effort ; dyspnoea, sometimes amounting In cases of nephritic abscess, the primary affection is generally pyelitis ; hepatic obstruction. In so large a proportion of cases is hydro-peritoneum

was soon able to regain the use of his arm, his parents refused to have produce or promote the gouty diathesis, and of exciting causes, ranks first In two of these cases, in both of which the tuberculosis in the mother was neurotrat np