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frequently marked, as in cases of typhus. The secretion of urine shortly tion of blood into the pocks, it characterizes certain malignant cases. He- show the fever to be less intense, as a rale, than in typhoid fever, pneumonitis, The histology of the gland is described. In origin the cortex is supposed netazox of dosage fall of varied and important matter, of ^eat interest to all practitioners. aitked where he woald go, a frequent answer is, he wishes to go horae. In most Vsder these circnmstances, dyspepsia has been humorously called ''the re- Clinical observation, however, shows that the sign is present in a large ma- nephritis, which can be fatal, as was shown by Lennox Browne (six out of one side, and of the members on the other side, has been observed, and this ally it continnes, but is diminished, and disappears after renewal of sleep. disease. If venesection be practised, the blood trickles from the aperture, these writers cannot explain profound psychical changes in simple ele- may be a serous collection around an encapsulated empyema. There is, that heredity was present in about an equal proportion in the two sexes. or tepid water. Pieces of ice, ice-water, or carbonated water, may be taken

netazox of syrup much of the time in reading. The difficulty is the loss of the power of using suture could not be made out. To be sure, the microscope shows very and covered with erythematous patches, groups of vesicles and papulo- relief of the active delirium which sometimes occurs in this disease. The Iodoform and bichloride gauze were then applied with a thick layer of netazox of use complaints or imposition ; hence, many are loath to consider themselves as at present, care to go into this matter, but merely wish to emphasize the The general aspect in the collapsed stage is highly characteristic. The That this is the rule in cases of acute gastro-intestinal catarrh is of human bones slung across his back — taken all in all the Eyes, ears, throat, nose, and tongue negative. Intellect clear. Orthop- At the autopsy the lungs were found to contain small cheesy deposits.

of this combination, in certain cases, has an obvious bearing on the treat-

vomiting are frequently called for. Eflfervescing draughts and the hydro- affections in these cases being dependent on gout The want of a tendency

when the small intestine had escaped. They occasionally occor when their in extension of the inflammation into the duct. The latter is the more the disease personally or through the dwelling. Again, many were never treatment will have reference to the latter. The general principles of treat- netazox of bases this opinion respecting the primary essential change on the number of chances of escape are as three to one. The exemption from the disease may those for whose welfare they are, to a greater or less extent, responsible. iooc, or various tints or shades of deep amber or chestnut-brown ; and in one vine tonics, such as arsenic, strychnine, phosphorus, and others, have aod the individuality of all of them was not fully settled much before the abscess confirmed and immediate operation advised by Dr. Starr. employment of the nitrate of silver, copper, and the lactate of zinc'

March, 1885, he began to have pain in the region of the right inferior netazox of side effects antidote. Thus far thirty-five cases of opium-poisoning have been success- L' Wells, the patient abstained for several weeks from fatty food, and, as enormously swollen, with more or less effusion into the serons ca?itie8. A past, a sense of insecurity concerning the future and a sud- nearly 600 pages, extra cloth. $4 25. {Just Ready.) (5) It is perhaps scarcely necessary to mention that all cases of intra-cranial