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constitutional disturbance ; at the most, slight headache, backache, and

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in the first form the paroxysms are irregular, of long duration, and accom-

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* It is doubtful, however, whether this centre can be yet definitely fixed. We

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of cheesy pneumonia is from softening. The softened, cheesy material

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may be fixed or floating, superficial or deep-seated. When fluid is aspi-

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ment may be employed, the faradic current being the one always se-

neomycin polymyxin dexamethasone eye drops

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A hard tumor was felt, just below the inferior limits of tlie trochanter,

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procedure, reach the deeper circulation : what is wanted is kneading of

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heart. Again an arterial valve might be dilated or inst^cient, at

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times observed, and in a case recently under observation we found an

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*'I may state," writes Dr. Macpherson, in* a recent, report on the

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immediately upon completion of the meal, an amount equal to one hun-

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times necessary, to remove it with the finger, aided by a spoon or other

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shall reinforce the weak will of the hysterical person. As is well known,

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as far as possible : hence evidence of antecedent disease should be sought

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not rarely a creeping hemiplegia : thus, there is a facial palsy, and some

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son named McGlone first made the discovery and communicated it

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known means by which it may be dissolved while in the pelvis of the

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of the spine, and with neighboring tumors or aneurism. Chronic pan-