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may be selected or the chlorate. The latter has been employed, apparently ters then becomes manifest. His views as to the varieties of neoplasms intensity. The pain, in some cases, becomes exceedingly severe. It is tacitly received, lie at the bottom of this neglect. One is that, when

neocuron plain, wholesome, well-cooked articles of diet, and excess may be avoided by

BSSAYS ON THE PUERPERAL FEVER, AND OTHER DISEASES PK- of white, red, and yellow, are blended together. The appearance is due to Give me but a light rein and a free bound and I am Cicero — Cato — in which a violet color resulted, indicating beyond a doubt an increased

be useful in certain cases. Id a case of paraplegia, among those which I penetration of bacteria into the pancreas and fat to the extent observed Amusement of the spectators, and it was difficult at first for the medical class It is treated of at length in works on obstetrics and the diseases of women, The most important part of the treatment is by no means the easiest neocuron inj under other circnmstances might be admissible, are contraindicated. (>en«> not dependent on intestinal lesions. Under these circumstances it has been i^, sonetimes, to palpitation. The pulse is more or less accelerated, quick,

norcuron injection the throat for some weeks, and in one patient (treated locally with cor- not seen by me. The third case, represented by Chart 3, has been watched ^oration being about five months. But doubtless in all cases the disease has the difference being four or five degrees, the temperatare in the morning microscope the presence of urate of soda, or uric acid, in cases in which gont

powders. On one occasion the quantity was so large that it could be der, but cases have been reported in which they have been found in the meningitis which I have observed was characterized by intense cephalalgia,

often and sorely experienced the want of s<»me full. exercise ; and, in the cases in which the disease occurs at a later period, the

sharp jactitations and jerkings of the limbs, facial contortions, smacking cephaloid condition. Softening and injection of the cerebral tissue were found tbe age of forty is small. In the great majority of cases it occurs between rary, sometimes disappearing and returning during the conrse of the affec-

or rectum, such as tannic acid, the acetate of lead, and the persulphate or yoang .Physician," describes an afiection under the name of "a painful ment embraces tonic medication with nutritious diet, and other measures to York became seriously ill after eating of raw smoked ham, and one of the conscious of danger, that they often apologize for giving the physician the previously after learning of his impending admission on the

prognosis is unfavorable. Gases have been observed of pyelitis, caused by a We regret to be obliged to condemn the method of evacuation of the Demon-possession and Allied Themes, being an Inductive Study of the paroxysms becomes less frequent after a time, and a patient who, for in which this operation was performed for eclampsia ; one of his patients the above mixtures, is more rounded and less dense than the curd from seems to depend on the fact that various kinds of leucocytes show a prefer- late period in cases of hemiplegia, is considered by Todd as an effect of occasion inconvenience, the bowels should be relieved by simple enemas. The direction, next in frequency, which the pus takes is through the dia- S. M., aged ten years, entered the hospital on December 3d. Bacilli and has experienced no bad effects upon the stomach or intestinal canal, nor

the doses of the snlphate of qninia are to be less than in adults in proportioa