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about it. He would appeal to the junior part of the audience, to think

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namely, the astringent, the eliiiiinative, the antiseptic, and tl:ie stimulant.

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ground water only increases the number of cases by a small fraction of

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order, or excess in eating or drinking, must be declined.

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one case of a workman who, whilst repairing the roof of a hoixse, fell off

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period for removal south, as the system will have already measurably

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some neglect of one or two other features that are probably not less


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ciate the ideas of authors. Although conscious that it is easier to find

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ogy and biology of bacteria, that is, with so much of it as is necessary

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disturbance he framed a theory which, whether true or not, exercised a

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although in part it depends upon progenitors, depends also in part on

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ally. In several cases the urine has given the reactions of hemi-albu-

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in the hope of diminishing the activity of the disease, and thus lessening

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contrast of sun and shade temperature. Early cases, as a rule, will do

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ascribed to shock and exhaustion are really due to sapraemia.

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ure, though harmless for less susceptible animals, possesses a highly toxic

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But, so far as could be made out, the increase in the size of the liver

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Springs possesses an advantage over Denver in being almost exclusively

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the conditions of its life history remaining constant all the time, there

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Soiled linen should be removed from the nursery without delay, and the

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mate recovery. There are worse things than the mere loss of albumin.

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pathetic disturbance ; or they may become enlarged in consequence of

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to whom he had thought it proper to administer the herb. This effect

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fevers have sometimes been observed to prevail at the same time.

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state have failed, and in the present state of physiological chemistry

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In concluding the history of this case we may add, that Professor

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agency are the cardinal factors in cholera propagation : and the main

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82. Adami. Med. Chron. Nov. and Dec. 1891. — 83. Baumgarten. Ctbl. f. klin.

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Whether this be a true secretion, or an accompaniment of the death of

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or even great hesitation before an opinion is hazarded. For bacilli do