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medicine has actually accomplished and is constantly doing.

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amiB, and I never saw more patriotism to the square inch than

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mostly among the working classes. He attributes the various

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Passenger Association, to July IS, thus allowing time for tjie

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Asst.-Surgeon B. L. Wright,. ordered to tbe Ua»»a»ehutett*, May 1.

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the American Medical Association, died from cancer of the

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the evidence of fracture, excepting only a considerable

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The Chairman, Db. Johnson, for the Diatrlct ot Colombia, said :

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side, corresponding in location to that on the right. So des-

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Medical Association of Montana, Great Falls, May 15-16. 1901.

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The probability of cure in cases of tuberculosis is di-

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became rigid and her head was thrown backward. She could

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Board of Health was appointed by the town council, to replace

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genito-urinary tract, and entirely independent of nephritis.

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private houses are in many respects much to be preferred to

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tions of the resolution creating it, has, 'very properly,

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manently maimed, it can not be said that a verdict in his favor

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death shows it to be due to what have come to be called the

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adnexa, varying from a simple endometritis to a metritis or

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mendations above made are in no way Utopian or imprac-

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prompt and remarkable retrogression of the lesions after sys-

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Board of Health Discbarged. — On May 7 the town council


What Dr. Keen referred to was charges of making such

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contracting uterus, and some shock. As the incision in the

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purulent form is accompanied by a discharge, has visible

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antee, practically unlimited, thoroughly first-class accommoda-

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tics; Jous. Am. Med. Assn., 1900, xxxv, 86, pp. 833-35.

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In conclusion, I trust we have added some testimony

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tion is memoriali/.ing the Dominion House of Parliament U>

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Tuberculosis Congress, held a short time ago, the gov-

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atrophic rhinitis. Certain it is that careful examination

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present in man only as a well-defined pathologic con-

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to a joint would determine localization, by way of the

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Dear Doctor: — ^I regret that it is impossible for me to be

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would be much better, I think, for each delegate to select bis own

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1900. Nausea began in February and lasted throughout. On

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nor that teething btars any relation to eczema, though it

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often he may change his location. By a system of cards, members

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