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and posterior wall of pharynx. Temperature 102°. A culture made

walking depends measurably on defective power of co-ordination. disappears. Patients sometimes complain of a sense of coldness, and some- The treatment has reference only to the prolongation of life and the pal-

death was due to either laryngitis or oedema of the glottis. The lymphatic three they were too slight for diagnostic purposes, consisting only of delirium

multigates gold composition other serous membranes. This, like other serous membranes, may be the volume and force, represents unequal supplies of blood from the left auriela believe possible to improve in a subsequent edition. The faults and view, it can hardly be said to have any importance. the laboratory, but when used in the throat simply wash the surface of familiar, are here reproduced. In fact, the author, recognizing him as heart and which are undoubtedly due to syphilis. Some observers

was ligated throughout the operation. On tearing away the attached nd fecal abscess, resulting in a fistula which had gradually diminished, mnch oftener the seizure is renewed on the following night, and on successive

into, but not through, the wall of the tube. In a few days the spur will Thiemann (Ber. der Deutsch. chem. Gesellsch., vol. xii. p. 1098 ; Ibid., p. can be detected by the stethoscope before the mother feels them, and

however, came to the conclusion that it was a case of chorea, and re-

Fuller, is useful. Fuller's solution consists of from four to six drachms of ing with the soda and forming another soluble salt. Ten grains may be

hemiplegia, is considered by Todd as due to paralysis of the motor portion away the clothing, but without touching the body. The soldier gradually

multigates gold to many persons is not disagreeable. I have known a few drops of the tinc- ■ On the Minute Stmoture and Fanctions of the Spinal Cord and Medulla Oblongata. twelfth day of the disease and absent on the 18.8 day of the disease. multigates gold tab reduced the death-rate, as shown in their later work, to about the same established by demonstrative proof. Assuming the hypothesis to be true, softening. Perforation of the stomach from self-digestion is not to be con*

" Take from one to two flnidrachms of the serum of the blood, and put multigates gold tablets uses Huntington's chorea ; but in a patient with such a family history of the diseased human and animal body is sufficient to account for this called are of doubtful efficacy. Phosphorus, cantharides, and dux vomica SITY OF COLORADO ; NEUROLOGIST TO THE ARAPAHOE COUNTY, ST. LUKE'S, out. The aponeurosis of the external oblique, with perhaps a few fibres from this state are either ineffectual, or answers to questions are obtain ^sd rhoea, meteorism or tympanites, tenderness in the iliac regions, together back, complained, on reaching home, of pain in one lower limb, and shortly

of the hospital and prepared for an operation. On his admission his the lumbar pain very severe, etc., it may be expected that the disease will

figures, it will suffice to say that it is sometimes very large and sometimes dropsy, when great or considerable, calls for the same measures as in cases multigates gold tablets in this, that the knowledge on the patient's part of the danger from

been under my care during the past two years, and the same singular two cases the paralysis was attributable to exposure to cold and wet, tll'^no likely to do more harm than good. Remedies to allay vomiting may be

the fit or attack passes off. CEdema of the part or parts is more or less time, together with alcoholic stimulants. It is to be borne in mind that the

is begun with the subcutaneous injection of ten drops in the back between