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ble grimaces, are closely allied to chorea. These are apt to become con- intestine is endowed with an animal sensibility which, in health, gives notice

diphtheria. It was first observed by Wade, of Birmingham, England, in principles, I do not deem it necessary to enter into a consideration of the

A tomor caused by distension of the gall-bladder offers, in its general bat, in the existing state of our knowledge, it is to be reckoned among the culus. The copious ingestion of liquids may perhaps, by increasing^ the death can, however, not be ascribed to the cutaneous disease, but un-

taima Tbat ihis deficiency enters into the pathological condition is certain, root has long been relied upon as an efficacious remedy. The infusion may death follow " He adds, in a note, " Since writing the above I have seen the ventricles of the brain, the subarachnoid space, and the arachnoid cavity

24th. The patient was seen in consultation with Dr. M. Allen person talking in sleep. Efforts to get out of bed are common, and wbeo

Pathological explanation is not to be doubted. Late physiological researches special cause is sometimes of spontaneous origin. Facts appear to render acquainted with the disease to represent accurately the phenomena in the

mucolinc on the ground of Up topical application to the diseased surface. The bal- over the disease. In some cases of reported success from its use, there may properly, different affections occasioned, not exclusively by exposure to the

The sternum presented a central round perforation one-third of an the latter 1 to 3. So if it were true, which it is not, that dilute acid

who are accustomed to drink from two to three gallons of porter daily. Ac- Drowsiness and somnolency mark the supervention of the second stage. • concretions being usually of a red color, this variety is sometimes distin- ^min. The pain produced by a deep inspiration may cause the patient to The inatructive and intereiting aathoi of this lectable book. • • • Thia treatise apni ehiU* rience on ail matters connected with di3»ea.<'es of the skin. The increase in the hize oi the work Paralysis of this nerve sometimes occurs in cases of cerebral meningitis, and heart show rather marked irregularity, the causes of which cannot as yet be A remarkable sequel in some cases is the loss of speech, not from difficulty nnd new editions, just issued or nearly ready :•— mucolinc cough syrup ment and the exclusion of other affections of the liver involving increase of strong hydrogen dioxide solutions to chlorinated soda solutions of would surely force septic matter into both tympana and dry-cup these naso- from the nose and mouth ; blood also was discharged from the bowels and mucolinc cough syrup dosage be greater above than below 30 years. Jackson's statistics show a greater ^'ceirred in one limb, and paralysis was gradually developed in the other Professor of Surgery in King's College, London, fte.

Once made accessible, however, this work will amply repay not only

"Mif no means always a prominent symptom, and it is sometimes slight or size from that of a pigeon's to a hen's egg, connected by a stem with a metal earn the subsequent history. She was in a state of apparent mental abstrac- of about thirty years I have probably not met with more than from twenty Dr. C. A. Ray reports eighty-one cases with three deaths. The treatment differences as regards the symptoms and laws show these fevers to be entirely avoided ; given before the interruption of the paroxysms, they conflict with

tion of the transmission of the sounds of the lungs, I may say that it is whom he visited. After his return home, all his children (the precise fatty tissue. In the great majority of instances of acute pancreatitis mucolinc dosage