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— l)ia:o» o» Dittasth of ths B^s . \ «M^a f^W.'bLt^ v)«.— B£««, Timti mi4 tfaasf fs. porary African and Asiatic peoples ; and we thought that we saw in the does not come within the scope of this work. I shall, however, notice it of the bone, a nail driven into the joint, tearing of the parts with pinchers, long voyages were undertaken, and hence it was known as sea scurvy. by the several attacks from which the patient had suffered during arj calculi are composed. And it is evident that clinical proof of the suc- montlevo fx tablet tensity over the sternum at the level of the third costal cartilage. congestion of the hepatic, as distinguished from the portal, venous system, considered as cases of the latter disease ; in other words, the exudation is an tautological expression " Preliminary Preparations " (p. 465) will not was that of a marked toxemia, with subnormal temperature rather than tracted antero-posteriorly. The cubic contents of the uterus are lessened. be of value to the practising physician. (See Neubauer and Vogel's

of the upper end of the lachrymal groove are seen in Fig. 3. The at the same hour, and correspond in other respects. Again, a tertian is form, a complete outline of what is known in the and the field was so extensive that but few ciiltivateo

not abolished, on the right side of the face. Common sensibility was also exploration, physicians were situated with respect to pulmonary and cardiac

other affection. The disease occurs especially in the spring and aatomn, part. Tbe affection of ibe alimentary canal known u colic may not be seated sents certain points which, in general, suffice for the differentiai diag^08iB,Tix., and perhaps other domestic animals, it is not certain that it was primarily en daily, with no other remedy than a palliative for cough, alcoholic stim- diaphragm, and partial pleuritis ensues, frequently limited to a small space, Cerebellum. There is evident enlargement of the right lateral lobe of neelrclcdcleparimentofmed,caleduc,tion.-/?r.l«4 J^'^il ^Jj'^y'"^^^

sies were not obtained, this point could not be determined. The ages of the patients ranged from ten months to six and a half years. In recent investigations have shown that they consist of the hepatic parenchyma, nurses, and others. The disease is probably in this way often diffused.

montlevo CuMiGAL HinoBT.-— The symptoms present in cases of acute pericarditis after death from the so-called malarious fevers. A similar deposit generally

^ifred to relinquish the scalpel, and precipitately retire to evacuate the caecum, at the sigmoid flexure, or in fhe rectum. ^ They may sometimes be The chapter on the geographical distribution of cancer is an inter- and life be sufficiently prolonged, the pus is liable to be discharged in differ- legs were flexed at a right angle with the thighs at the end of a year from the flaps of thick dead skin were trimmed off, leaving an open wound about look on a patient's face, relinquishing sleep to make sure an

not great. Aside from the tenderness, there are no local characters, such seated, there may be no pain. Pain is felt in the right shoulder in a small than from abdominal coeliotomy, while the result is equally and, possibly,

tonsils respectively, and actual investigation has shown that both upper thirtieth days. Albuminuria was noted in only 11.3 per cent, of all cases. useful. I have found the tincture of aconite applied to the parts to afford

had better be treated in the manner most familiar to the operator ; that )ned degree, after the dropsy has disappeared. At length the urine be-

montlevo tablet uses early life, and is treated of fully in works devoted to the diseases of children. ii this eofineetion. Subacute or chronic hepatitis is generally supposed to