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of structure in the gum and palatine membrane ; it does not present, in any
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at the end of the second day carried the patient off. He
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The author carries out well the promise made in the preface,
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Coses Illustrative of the Powers of the Actcea Racemosa in the Treatment
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Methodical Compression in Orchitis. — Some years ago, this plan was
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N. Y.) In that volume It Is entitled : "The r.,atest Reconstructive
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organs by the recent exact methods reveals the presence
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Southweatem Hedleal Association of Kentucky. — The
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so much against the ulcer as against its consequences. The
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be no difficulty in securing proper laws relating to the
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seemed to have originated. Disease of these parts, like that in other joints,
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excuse such severe and unjustifiable indictments as exemplified
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in regard to its formation, known as the "Seitenketten
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marked Improvement. Reference: Union Medlcale du Xord Est.
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United Stales of America (North). — John C. Warren, M. D., Professor
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f The covering or tunic of the ovisac; and about the same time, the
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intestinal obstruction. A glass drainage-tiibe, placed at the
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publislfed a number of cases in which the tendo achillis was divided for
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ticular one.. I have been elected to represent the laity in our
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mixed with a great quantity of air-bubbles. The left cavities also contained
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ment of the return of the venous blood to the heart, and the increased
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explained by the facts furnished in the above instance. The tumour in its
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Louisiana State Medical Society, New Orleans, April 18-20, 1001.
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erative steps were taken in these cases as a promise was ex-
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men became slightly distended and the abdominal mus-
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least resistance, consequently the shorter the ligature
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tered in court. But the circumstances under which such state-
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intelligence dull; passes his urine and faeces involuntarily.
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parotid region and on the face. In laying bare the carotid artery, which he
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made in the same situation by a small saw. The tumour was now readily
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Necessary Evil, and is a study of the life and practice of a
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'' Of these two hundred and sixteen re-vaccinated, eleven went through
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sional neighbours. With the small portion which I reserved to myself, I
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Association of American Pbyslclans, Washington, D. C, April
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Abdomen. — Liver enlarged, weighing about ten pounds ; granulated ;