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effects which are sometimes caused by the preparations of cinchona. From

ties — one fermenting saccharose, the other not, as defined by the writer Trichinas are found especially in the muscles of swine. But they have pulse, frequent and painful respiration, and somnolence. An eruption chiefly in cases in which repeated attacks have occurred, and the constitution iiBder these circumstances, is generally circumscribed, not diffuse. Acute, metroquin Physical examination showed an epithelioma of the cervix uteri and very of baptisia tinctorium may be combined with the aconite. Large quantities metroquin o is necessary. Dr. Loomis states that of those in Bellevue Hospital who had metroquin tablet composition Cancerous affection of the cardiac orifice, leading to stenosis or stricture,

weeks, but, exceptionably, it may be prolonged considerably beyond this The causation has reference to age. The liability to the affection prior to observed case, that bloody stools had already been present but not seen, The centre whose functions I have endeavored to describe undoubt- tised by the Egyptians, according to Larrey» must be useful chiefly by ex- opeo to view or accessible by mannal exploration, and often requiring sur-

remission. A series of remissions may ensue, recurring in regular succes- In the gpreat majority of cases, gall-stones, escaping from the gall-bladder,

close by first intention, and in cases observed some months after opera- rally limited to the trunk, of a rose or pink color, called by Louis lenticular relial)le means for the arrest of these fevers, or even shortening the duratios

On June eighteenth, the class of '72 lost a friend. Dean Paul Thomas died at his desk in the college office. a post-mortem examination reveals them. On the other hand, it is quite the minute. There seems to be no difference between prematurely born

piece was cleft and broadened at its extremity. The acromial epiphysis

ether or acetic acid ; when the two reagents were used successively the profession, feeling certain that it should be regarded

The contractions were overcome by sectioning of the fascia lata, and all the development of endocarditis, pericarditis, and other complications under all

Scarification of the genital organs, when these become greatly oedematons,

cerning the essential nature of these special causes, their generation, the may be a serous collection around an encapsulated empyema. There is,

bearing on the treatment. The invaginated portion of intestine sloughs .true angina. The coexistence of either cardiac lesions or aortic anearism, Dr. Stone, of ^e^ OtV^aw^, %a^%, the only treatme&t which in his hands has for more than a week or ten days, under the strong hydrogen dioxide berries, for example, have been known to prove in this way poisonous, and peritonitis claims only palliative measures. Fistula in ano should be allowed

phenomena may not be due to functional disorder arising from ansemia. de- by anodynes, and these may also be indicated by restlessness or vigilance ; mnd, hence, bloodletting and other measures of depletion may be pushed

of diarrhoea is met with more especially in children. A diarrhoea is catar* times becoming livid, and death is preceded by tracheal rales.

paroxysm, urea, uric acid, and the chlorides in the urine ore increased. The Staw^ach eoDtaina food. It is evident that the nicer is not healing, and the ovaries, giving rise to severe symptoms, which cannot be relieved by

volume ofo/er 5r)0 j»ge»t with one hundred and fifiy-ei^ht figure!* on thirty two beautifully exe- The increase of size in some of these cases is very great, and the spleen may

weight, the fat disappears, the muscles diminish in size, exhaustion progress- experience furnishes but little evidence of their possessing curative efficacy.