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fact that little or no sulphur loss occurs during the periods of great

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cal Transactions, 1887, p. 271; Lunn and Benham, ibidem, 1885, p.

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intervals and has spent the greater part of each year in the hospital. She is

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the lower. The two conditions are sometimes associated.

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show how long a person with atrophy of the thyroid gland can live

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in the neck or in the bulb of the jugular vein which protrudes as a

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one intraspinal treatment. The other cases in the protocol were all of

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Dropsy which has proved defiant to rest and the milk diet gener-

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nothing remarkable. Certainly no appreciable degree of acidosis

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{Annali cli Statistica, Tavole della frequenza e durata delle Malattie, etc.

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and frequently agonizing attacks of pain in the domain of the

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nucleus, and one in the medullary substance. In a count of one hundred in the

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mitral insufficiency. When the pressure from behind can no longer

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upon degrees of genetic aflB.nity. As the naturalist cannot, however, go

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with intravenous salvarsan. The patients in Cases T. D. 3, 6, and 67

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the pure choroform, used for sprinkling on the light cambric material

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worked with Italians and contracted the disease in 1894. The mother first

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Physical examination showed that her pupils were inactive to light. The

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The diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in 200 cases having nega-

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eating and overdrinking and in seven months had another cardiac attack lasting

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administration by mouth of 30 grains of calcium chlorid was begun. On

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different ways. Gouin and Audouard 07 report increased activity of the

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Symptoms. — Aneurysm of the heart presents no characteristic

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wald interpreted the pain as an overstrain of the muscle in the at-

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having for its object the reduction in size and activity of the thyroid,

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chloralamid in 20 or 30 grain doses in cachets or dissolved by tritu-

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no reason why it should not do the same in the thyroid gland, the

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death-rate from each cause at each age-period could be calculated — the

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cient remedy. The presence or absence of filaria nocturna in Samoa

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ophthalmoscopic examination of the retinal vessels.