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ordinate family groups to be designated ? We may err on the side of
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contending that this also is trophoneurotic, although a growing minority,
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globus are the most characteristic. Some patients have no aura.
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become so hardened and stiffened that all movements of the limbs
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till 4 P.M. "Speaking generally," Swettenham says, "it was only necessary
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ceived to have two parts; the proton, symbol H+, which is the nu-
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which troubles him, and becomes raw in the frosty days of winter, but
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painful to the doctor because it proceeded from a baronet
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intensify the hysteria. To avoid the first, and more serious, of these
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nerves. The distribution may, on the other hand, rather correspond
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intervals of comparative quiescence. It is aggravated, of course, by
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1892, p. 314).— 24. Payne. Trans. Path. Soc. Lond. 1886, vol. xxxvii. p. 522 ; also in
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Unna, attribute an exclusive importance to bacteria in the production of
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probe. It may be pointed out, however, that the actual or galvano-
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be recognised, that this power of forgoing immediate indulgence, for the
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Causes. — Wheals are a symptom, a mode of reaction of the vaso-motor
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this time that Paracelsus had the soul of a quack^ though he
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antiseptic agent such as resorcin or naphthol may be added ; while in the
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In a paper on "Visceral Haemorrhage in Still-born Children" Dr.
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neglected; sometimes from a shrinking from exposure on the part of
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Bacter. 1896, p. 612. — 58. St. Clair Stmmers. Brit. Med. Journ. Dec. 12, 1891, p.
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usually quite sufficiently strong, and its effect may be still further increased
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on the least exertion. These sweats are often very difficult to get rid of.
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nate toxins, and to modify the conditions favourable to their genera-
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peutical agencies which are powerless in one case may have some