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not, in consequence of its intensity, mask this general tendency.

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Pycemia. — Cases of undoubted pyaemia, setting in with rigors, sweats,

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speech, recall disseminated sclerosis, but there are not the nystagmus and

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into a warm bath, and artificial respiration produced by means of the tra-

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potency the longer it is stored. So that, where lymph has been stored for

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«r«f lower at that very hour than either he (Mr his friend, Dn Gr^pnr,

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manuscript, or in the writer, we have taken the liberty of erasing the

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i the causes which should have so suddenly thrown so noble a cor-

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tained at these springs, we can see no reason why these anticipations

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and to prolong the cure. Care must be taken, both during and after the

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There may sometimes be opthalmoplegia externa affecting one, but

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noticed, however, that the pupils did not dilate while the patient was

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place in the case of the saline-diluted lymph. The bacteriological results

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sonous candles continue to be manufactured in London. One pound of

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which he died. Towards the last, jactitation increased, and his calls for

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enable the practitioner successfully to adapt his remedies to local iii9«

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malignant tumour should it arise in, or involve a vital organ. This is

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lymphs showed the deterioration which was so marked in the phenolated

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mainly dependent on muscular movements and ingestion of food. Accord-

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acid gives a white crystalline precipitate. Soda may be identified by

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riably affords tbe most Immediate immunity from tbo distressing ^^ dragging and boarmg-dowm,**

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pathy. Laura Bridgman, a very pretty, intelli|;ent, and sprightly girl,

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ease begins to diminish, or when it is desired to prevent a relapse in a

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end : his professional labors sometimes produced twenty thousand dollars

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us to conclude that ingestion tuberculosis is still important, though much

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filled with mucus, causing dyspnoea and cyanosis. Singing in the ears,

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By those who take the most unfavorable view of the matter, it is ad-

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ing from undue violence, either manual or instrumental.

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" Systematically arranged exercises or manipulation of -parts of the human

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(xviii.) Head-flexion is always performed in the entire column of the neck,

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Venesection is one of the n^ost important of this class of remeoi*

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hence it attacks the jaws of work-people in lucifer-match manufactories,

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What do we mean by climate, and what are the conditions that determine

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express her thoughts or understand those of others; it was deemed

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apyrexia have expired ; others give solid food without reference to a