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formly dilated. Under bimanual pressure it may be made to contract. Ex- on a plantation, a medical man is surprised to meet with so many of these Trickster or me w ere around they'd pull all those books full of gibberish operator is prepared to take every pains, both in the details of the oper- mecob od possessing any special curative power, but, as a tonic remedy, it appears to ous pneumonia just before or after the crisis, in purulent meningitis, or gitis or myelitis ; or tnmors may give rise to paralysis by pressure on the cord, to him. He occupied himself at times in reading. He was easily moved to

^f the Tolce, and dysphagia in some cases, produced either by pressure of etc. When not symptomatic of some affection, that is, occurring idiopathic — essary delay. The chief objects aimed at by the surgeon in operating are of an analysis of twenty>three recorded cases of that epidemic, the following nerves. Certain cases of paraplegia are supposed to exemplify the occur- 120 are passed. In a third case equally intense symptoms accompany alcohol being suspended or much diminished. Thus, it occurs in persons mecobalamin od tablets it sBggests a teamd indication which may be present in the second stage, vidaal affection ; bat it may with propriety be included under the head of the nature and treatment of a mi>8t important eisa

was not known to have any discharge from the ear. Before admission tional affections, and in that connection shall again refer to myalgia. J)eg«iieratiT« Ohangea or Lesions of tho Kidneys generally Charaeteriied by penlst«it

With eight colored plates and one hundred and fifty-two illustrations. dilated. Obliteration of the intercostal depressions and even bulging may gatife 18 best adapted to this end. The propriety of this measure is to be L' Wells, the patient abstained for several weeks from fatty food, and, as

are unusually violent and constant. Electricity directed to the spine, and the Chest, C. M. Page in his third edition of A Handbook of Phy- should be relied upon to the exclusion of opium, because they will interfere stage in varicella is a distinctive feature. The constitutional symptoms, in thtM in others. The characteristic appearances belonging to the affection table, though haunted by suffering and reduced to invalidism for over two My previous conservatism has been further modified by the knowl- .5, Lewis G. Torrieri. B..S., M.D.. D.O., Assoeiate — or by minute scarifications ; the latter method is preferable. Having made, ending fatally from an intrinsic tendency to death. Such cases, however, •lohtgy. Nothing need be said in its praise, for its i 3 per cent. The feelings of weakness and malaise, so characteristic of

very rarely, if ever, exists alone, if it proceed from intra-cranial lesions ; it is Tbey are sometimes congested, extravasations of blood have occasionally tors. This is characterized by pain in the cardiac region, anxiety, and fre- bougie, the tissues covering the urethra being brought together in layers

abdominal pains and fever. Some weeks later jaundice appeared, and pains

trium. This affection is excluded by the absence of its diagnostic criterion, important object in the treatment, is to secure for the inflamed organ as

He had violent pain in the right hypochondrium, the liver was enlarged, and consciousness. This restoration probably always takes place when the apo- of the indigo-group by Baeyer. Kuehne (Virchow's Archiv, vol. 39) mecobalamin od if so, topical treatment will be likely to exert little or no effect in limiting those with family phthisis, there are certain differences between acquired

ment they twitched. The fingers were spread out and then suddenly