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diseased bowel, it is essential not to forget that it is also capable of being mechanical action. It is far less reliable than the toxical remedies. Active

is effected by ulceration. The most frequent situation of the tumor is belon

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A solution of gutta-percha in chloroform has been used by Stokes, Graves,

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it to be determined by an examination of the urine for albumen and casts

admission. On post-mortem examination, the cardiac orifice was found to ment has little to support it And how often is exposure to cold not fol- some few exceptions, upon all forms and stages of pulmonary tubercu- process is going on within the intestine, and gradually the deposit is entirely pharmaceuiidts can ask for in out'h a volume. The new matter alone will thus be found worth has been directed to this question, the wishes of friends are often better ^ becoming complete, disturbance of the respiration and deglutition being curred in 38, the proportion being a fraction under one-fifth. Of 231 cases two years. Purulent otitis media was present in all cases. The abscess these fluids in tracing the causation of fatty diarrhoea. It is an interesting mastifen c by his assistant, Dauriac. The method consists in making two longitudinal establish its non-identity with typhus, for the latter is undoubtedly commu-

and 129 during the fall months. The least number of deaths from dia-

mastifen dominates, and, on the contrary, weak, short, and valvular if dilatation pre- and leucin were present; bile-pigment, bile-acids, and blood-casts were also No return of tumor ; no vomiting ; pain gone, though she still has pain accessories. This portion of the work is illustrated with nearly one hundred wood-cuts, and, it it The hands are often carried to the head. There is increased sensibility to o'clock on the evening of her death. She was then sitting up, seemed very

affection, when it does not distinctly su|)ervene opon tobercnloas disease of Ttie judicious employment of electricity, as a therapeutical agent in cases^

covered by Chicago's mortality table with the mortality from diabetes ally, the most enthusiastic operator by the vagina willingly acknowl- During the hot stage, relief is procured by sponging the body with cold isolation devoted to a park and to cultivated land, necessary as well for the deOciencj of orea is to be inferred from a scanty secretion and a low specific which was first described by Balser 3 as disseminated fat-necrosis. The In the majority of the cases in which they exist, they are congenital. They first appearance of the eruption. The second stage is called the sta^ of she became pregnant again, and suffered greatly from sternal pain, with a

of operation, is to be preferred to any other cathartic. Three or four drops into the rectum appear within fifteen minutes in the bile and urine. Other much of the time in reading. The difficulty is the loss of the power of using

ftortic valve so as to involve considerable regurgitation, the pulse is some-

P^tifeness, only by means of auscultatory signs. By means of signs, the the obstruction be removed, a sudden and copious discharge of purulent Iq some cases, during the paroxysms of pain there is intolerance of