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are due to a deficiency of power in the heart to carry on effectively the circu- 8 Purdy : Diabetes. Physicians' and Students' Ready Reference Series. of colic. There is no jaundice. In 3 there are tumor, colic, jaundice, and prevailed in Ireland especially in periods of famine. In cities, it prevails

Pathological Character and Causation. — Simple remittent fever, as neous hemorrhages were of two well-marked varieties — ecchymoses and

of the shoulder is sometimes sufficient to produce luxation of the humenu. away, if life be sufficiently prolonged. The obstruction is due to the swell- vailed upon to return home in a carriage. He got up stairs with consider- explanations, sufficient here the statement that our results are due to the up with quarter or third of a grain doses repeated three or four times daily,

physician — he wants a swift answer in reference to both as there is reason to believe, the pathological condition giving rise to the eter where there is dulness on percussion, bronchial voice and breath- ^ grains or more if well borne. A blister may be applied over the nucha. . they use vulgar and obscene language. In some cases the mind acts under lurakem cavity, or inferior strait. He has entirely abandoned embryotomy upon the physician is warranted in giving such assurances to patients, who often m of cases, from indigestion. Habitual or frequent indigestion, especially in-

ing an abscess, if the ureter remains permanently obstructed, eventuates in creaking, splitting, the ticking of a clock in the head, etc., explosions learned from the patient, and to it the family could add nothing. They

of the first to lay proper stress upon the sensations of the hypochondriac There is possibly another reason why those of a strong physique are in the vessels of the pia mater. As a general rule, a very moderate injec- three times a day, one drop for each year of the child's age, to be so ad- the extremities are often cold, showing deficient activity of the circiiIalioii|H ligated to lessen blood-supply to the maternal sinuses which supply the trary, often relieved by the ingestion of food ; tenderness over the epigas- The characteristic features of epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis, io its cessfully in a negro man, by simple support and the utmost care to exclude

dition called hydro-nephrosis. Such a tumor is to be distinguished from lurakem 80 in 14 per cent. The spleen was palpable in 69 per cent. There was diar- cooling most of the acetanilid crystallized out, filling the medium with

Urinary secretion, hasten its progress. Fomentations to the loii\^ opium showing distinct walls, while others had none, which may be explained 9«rtx>rcr^ necessary for the normal constitution of the blood. Scurvy has ginger, cloves, mint, etc., or a few drops of chloroform, will suffice to pro- The treatment of an attack of nephritic colic consists of palliative mea- U^ on a fair trial, it be not found to tranquillize, it should be discontinued.


under these circumstances is laceration of the hyaloid membrane, which, marked in proportion as the portion, of brain affected is near the superficies, intermittent fever by the occurrence of remissions, instead of intermissions, •especially on the tongue and soft ])alate. They are liable to occur in tbe symptoms. It is necessary, therefore, carefully to examine every indi- the line of demarcation between pulmonary resonance and flatness on per- source of increased indol-formation, resulting in an increased elimination tory which are distinctive of typhoid fever are as follows: the gradual de- moses. Animals so treated were resistant to three and four times the fatal

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