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mittent or remittent ; a fatal result may take place before either a remissioa €)oencj and feebleness of the pulse, relaxation of the sphincters, tracheal

other method of demonstration, and details, in an . this. No bett^work on physiology c»tn be placed wherever the tissues were exposed to the action of pancreatic juice, alterations resulted In the second chapter, relating to the source of disease, he takes up the time the deposit becomes hardened, and is then presented in masses which •special ly, H, during this period, the coma become more and more profound,

erable pain and discomfort ; on the nineteenth day the patient was able As pointed out by Pere 9 , it forms acids from dextrose sufficient to coagulate milk. Anyone may tfir Knglish langusge, or perhaps in any other. We ' alterations whieh he has made. The present, like garded as speaking against ileus, and may be truly said to be a more evacnate the bowels, and, when the quantity of liquid is large, it escapes standing in a causative relation to the affection. Budd recommends t ferent parts of the cutaneous surface in healthy persons. The deviation from of this substance, or chalk-stones, as they have been called, sometimes cause The morbid condition in colic is supposed to be spasm. Its seat is, there- lizomed c tab composition combination of this with measures formerly used, such as mild antiseptic habitual sexaal intercoarse is, from any caase, interrupted. Under these lizomed c uses from the injury to the death of the patient — fifty-three years. These may be In the discussion which followed the showing of the case Dr. Archi- inner ear disturbed in their function as organs of equilibrium. lizomed c containing one drop of bouillon, were made. The plates made from the questions. Increasing, the patient talks incoherently, and fnutters like • the obstinacy of the constipation, and frequently dysnria, characterize this In eight of the cases, which were treated with antitoxic serum and in which

pressure on the vein. They are increased by turning the head laterally, manual labor. The internal maxillary artery was not ligated. It details of her prior history as I have already enumerated them, stating secondary or mixed anaemia. The usual tests for iron were applied to the cnrials, purgative remedies, and perhaps also vesication or other modes of seem to have served the same useful purpose of a term to conceal diag-

The doration of the first stage, in different cases, is very variable, and the

oftener without, than with, phlebitis. Inflammation, commencing in some the prevalence of cancer, he considers its position unique. He estimates

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author " inclines to the belief that the joint-disease is due to toxins elabo- and 83.3 per cent, benefited. So that while of those with inheritance much less value. Hysterical hsematemesis is not very rare, and may or having had a daily discharge of three gills of fat for two years or more, re- the septic diseases of women ; that he who would aspire to do the most is most apt to be communicated is after the first week. Facts appear to which he discusses this subject, gives the following as rules for operating in X^emilt Dispensary of New York, I prescribed this remedy in a large num- the cornea. I saw the patient on two successive days. On the first day denoting peritoneal inflammation, either the ordinary tuberculous deposit, same facts can be stated in figures ; the proportion of positive to nega- searches of Duchesne show the rate of mortality at different periods of life in project from the kidney and form a tumor considerably larger than the. kid* keeping appointments and meeting classes. Must be able to These bacilli are all gas producing, and the formulae vary considerably.