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Fig. 26. — Details of construction of modified Wisconsin sllo shown In fig. 24.

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sugar used either by a normal or diabetic heart in periods of 1 to 3 hours.

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rectly involving that structure takes place as a rule

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20 and 30, as collected by various authors, varies between .87 per cent

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V. T. Williams, M.D., Kansas City: I think the Dele-

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VII. On Hemorrhagic Typhoid Fever. By Louis P. Hamburger, M. D.

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.•i<ro in removinji- iiractically all of the cei-ebrum from a (/w/ by pcrfori.i-

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brought back and a history of difficult breathing was obtained. When

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3. Frykholm, R.: Pathogenesis and Mechanical Prophylaxis

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Kxrisioii of the adrenal uiaiid in most Miiiiiials is very quickly fatal,

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in cases of general miliary tuberculosis with or without tuberculous

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or goats for export to a foreign country until the owner or shipper of such cattle,

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points in their .•iicniistiy. The simpler „{ tiie t„„ l,n,|i,.s is ereatin,

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2. Horton, B. T., and Mueller, S. C.: Duodenal Diverticuli;

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inquiries have been received from physicians desiring

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exceed $300.00 in each case under the provisions of its by-laws.

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Where the diagnosis of glanders by the serum agglutination reac-

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edition of his " Anatomic,'' * Luschka states that blood-vessels are pres-

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lem, not a medical one, and that the Association should

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icine’s New Frontiers,” is especially interesting.

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papilloma, stopping a few millimeters " below '' it at one side of the

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that during systole of the ventricles blood from the right ventricle

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sibly migraine is the most thoroughly discussed type

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sarily come in contact with the condemned carcasses contained therein before it reaches

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carcasses or products of which are to be transported and sold for human consumption

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shaken out, the Ph was 7.40 instead of the normal value, 7.65. Even

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