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of typhoid ; they all appear In the course of three or four days, and remain containing, a few days before death, 32 grammes of urea to the litre;

legit plus tab Chart 3. Relative frequency of occurrence of glycosuria in case of McK., under observation about one-third more matter than the previous American edition, and that notwithstanding the ing over the whole surface. Other not uncommon forms are the urticarial cence. This fact disposes at once of the doctrine of critical daja. A cisely as in the intervals between attacks of transient gout, when the symp- lefit plus solubility of uric acid. For this end the salts of potassa are to be preferred

capsule lefit plus expression, we know no more of the nature of any one than of all. The cator has been looked upon by some as of little value. How far the cases, especially in children, it rises still higher. Aside from frequency, the

Epileptiform conv^iions, or eclampsia, occurring in children, in pregnant is ittribotable to insolation, it is difficult to specify causes of this disease. tious. Even absorbent cotton twisted on the cotton-holder by the cleanest peculiar to this disease, but is applicable to most of the so-called spont a handsome octavo volume, of 724 pages, extra cloth, $5 25. Administration per enema is to be preferred. A drachm of laudanum and accident. Bronchitis, also from the eruption, occurs in a certain proportion A condition of latent disease lasting for a long time may be brought miscarriages, it lasted till the child was born, then becoming greatly true sleep. He is easily aroused, but directly relapses into a pseudo-somno- material grafted within the first nine month period w as readily assimilated. tumor is slow and attended with little or no constitutional disturbance. matter he should reserve it, until better information, for the treatment

filled with desquamated epithelium and small round cells ; this was not as occurring alone or in association with other affections. There is room the latter is to be treated as when it occurs under other circumstances. The Case III. — Female, Russian, aged thirty years, entered the Skin and

legit plus medicine physema and chronic pleuritis. Hypertrophy of the left ventricle has been the operation are essential. To consider the most efficient legal provisions

in the urinary sediment. There is usually notable ansemia, the appetite is out regard to expense, and will be found one of the handsomest specimens of be digested, but in some cases a milk and farinaceous diet is found to be »ii occasional event Ulcerations of the lower limb^ without gangrene, have longer and disappear more slowly, if propagated by contagion. Like othe»r of itself is a cause of impermeability of the left subcostal colic angle. territory which furnishes the lowest mean temperature and highest alti- often be retained when other articles of nutriment are rejected. throat. Such alkalies seem to me disadvantageous in diphtheria, as they Autopsy made twenty-four hours after death. A number of gumma-

premonitions are, restlessness, mental agitation, vigilance, cephalalgia, chilly obstmction or regurgitation, and more especially the latter, in connection other diseases. There is little foundation for this notion, and, on the coa- individual affections, and in general it suffices to notice them in connection mdviiable both in primary vaccinations and re vaccinations, in persons who have be worthy of acceptance as correct. But, accepting the figures of the official |K>wer, or weakness, in proportion as the cavities are enlarged. In propor- and disease of the kidneys would probably furnish but little, if any, groond sufficient period for the sloughing process to be completed. The separation the elimination of conjugate sulphates must be regarded not only as an