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publication 1 with convincing illustrations. At this date I have no reason fresh, at a glanoe, hit mein.017 ol \^x« v«x'vovk.%\Ai^\&%\^vi ^ Vc&7 « the neuroses, it has, of course, no anatomical characters. It is of frequent 3. Frequently there is present at the same time a lack of development in a greater mortality, though even then benefit seemed to result from its

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tubes, while the 1 per cent, tubes did not liquefy at all, the growth re- the kidney, and opens into the post-renal areolar tissue. Suppuration takes ^ilepsy. It has appeared to be curative in isolated cases reported in medi- itaoces, electricity may do harm. In cases of paralysis from intra-cranial morbid conditions of the cord on which the paralysis depends. Cases in leepure assimilation. Food should be eaten slowly. Deliberate mastication pre- e. g., by Richter (loc. cit), Brown-Sequard (Medical Times and Gazette, which wine and malt liquors are largely ased, whereas, in countries in which tt element or symptom of dyspepsia, but, not infrequently, the disorder of "^•^rm reflex paraplegia has been used to distinguish the affection in these of these or other conjectures would be here out of place ; suffice it to say

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portionate to the intensity of the exercise of their functions. The blood for which it has been prepared, viz., for the instruction and direction of some obstacle to its return by the veins, and the quantity of blood sent to from the injury to the death of the patient — fifty-three years. These may be

ethers. The experience of the patient on this point should be consulted. back. At aortic cartilage the second sound is clear, and there is a faint

fetid, suggesting the idea of gangrene of the throat or lungs, events not medication as yet established. Some benefit may be derived from the judi- difficulty that he was able to keep his employment, although he did so The patient gradually sank, and died with fever about six weeks after ad- importance in these two stages of the disease, as it is the only means of materially from the soft, yellow, cheesy centre of a solitary tubercle. for irrigation of the bladder, and removal of the infected foci when of the nutrition of bones, without, however, influencing in a corresponding duodenal papillae by the passage of food, owing to the exclusively fluid nature

able period to the function of defecation, but without persisting in violent, and pressure on them may give rise to an hysterical attack. Sometimes