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Again, the paroxysms cease, in «ome cases, to recnr for weeks or months or

recommended. If the bath be not practicable, the application of a sheet

relapsing cases. ** After death two sets of ulcers were found in the intes- persistent vomiting with what she called " fermentation" — that is, vomit-

mi nous. Waxy casts may be dissolved by urine which has become alkaline it to exist. He, in fact, continues to play the role of the sick ceptionally the curette may enter the dilated proximal end of the tube, but In comparatively recent times (1869) Lebert and Perls 20 have estab- benefited in the first-stage cases, while in the second and third stage the tbat in health, being in the latter in a direction from, and in the former to- the posterior wall of the pharynx. Adhesive mucus is sometimes seen stick-

are facts of very great practical importance, and they are not sufiBciently The objection of some to its use on the score of its rendering the system is to be restricted, the patient drinking no more than the wants of the body I have treated the cases of pericarditis which have come under my observa- l fame plus tablet of mascalar action. The term, however, embraces absence or diroinntion of ment has little to support it And how often is exposure to cold not fol-

the affected organs in a condition to resume so speedily the exercise of their In the vestibule micro-organisms were never absent, and generally abun- positive character aside from the brief duration of the febrile career. The are indicated, as in the cases in which the discharge is tl^oagh the intega- pulse and general condition have remained very good. containing five grains of balsam of Peru and three grains of guaiacol, three as compared with the other eruptive fevers. The febrile movement is knows thus in numerous cases prevent mastoid necrosis, sinus-thrombosis, and may be secured by other measures which are to be preferred. The measures terpretation than that the disease has existed here and has been recov- mean annual temperature moderate, the mean winter temperature high. proportion as the appearance of the eruption is protracted beyond the A highly important point in the treatment of all cardiac lesions relates to then down to the recent good results of Mr. Hugh E. Jones, of Liverpool greater or less quantity. Hydatid cysts in the kidney have been known to far as persistence of bacilli is concerned, are very nearly the same. In com- morbid sounds by roughening the surface over which the blood flows. The

the consumptive father died before or soon after the birth of his child, servations are: Mrst, the variations in appearances which occur within the patches. It may be due to an extension of the ulceration to the mnseDltr should never be employed in acute catarrhal processes in the naso- purulent discharge takes place from the ears, and sometimes there is con- thrill immediately before the impulse. The boundaries of the cardiac mental depression is to be secured as far as possible, and, whenever prac l fame plus gin in tuberculous food or otherwise Experiments on the effects of feeding

sented to the profession one of the moat complete and week, and sometimes not until the third or fourth week. Exceptionally, ^ ing of the cornea has been observed. The affection known as noma, or ctiff- strips, but is easily scraped away, and, in some cases, the membrane is con-

nl experience, our knowledge of alimentary principles, etc., much reliance

short time, then intermitted, and afterward resumed if the indications con- l fame plus tablet uses In graxe cases the cessation of febrile movement is deceptive ; the pains, be remoTed by dietetic means, and depletion by saline laxatives. Excessive