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Subsequently, the noise she made was so disturbing, that she had to
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entering the wards to be taught disease. The duty of teaching these
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others to found a medical school for women. This movement may be
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of chloral I not only found useless, but it appeared to act injuriously
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larged glands were felt in the neck on the right side. These increased
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case was noteworthy from the fact of its being a female child.
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The experiments undertaken by M.Bouchard in i8gi, and published
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account, the practical value of the operation remains indisputable.
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terrier which for a long time had appeared thin, and at intervals had
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suspected to have stolen property concealed about her person, she is
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l^'gg'ig? "Down among the dead men," solemnly to recall words
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Cases of Acute Rheumatism, with Endocarditis, leaving a murmur on recovery.
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nance in the upper parts. On auscultation an exaggerated respiratory
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fluid, may become superficial to an extent varying not merely with the
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used for the intra-peritoneal injection of three guinea-pigs and a
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several of the chorda; tendineae, I have never met with anything moie
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when fatigued after racing, exhibited grave disturbance, at first referred
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when the synovial capsule is wounded in the neighbourhood of infected
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was much better. On the 28th, she had been free from the contrac-
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