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serious questions now before the L^niversity in cormection

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This is the strongest regimental class that has been formed in the Home-

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state of the gastric juice and partly to the fact that the bacilli

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April 10th he weighed only 6 st. 10 lbs., and on April

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every poor person has a right to hospital treatment for every

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had been notified since January 30th, most of which have

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appeared desirable that an ofhcial medical certifier should be

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recent unfortunate withdrawal of the pre-existing restriction

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exposition of the duties of practitiooers in consultations in the Code of

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land, the United States, Canada, South America, Cape Colony,

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Clause 9 appears to make all the bodies mentioned in Clause 7 (1)

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small intestine were found about oiie spot in the outer part of the iliac

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undergoing of it from the patient's point of view worth while.

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Several letters have lately appeared In a contemporary on this vei-y

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tion of the extensor tendons was most likely the cause of the

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tion. Only twice were redness and codema noticed — once in

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day or two less. It is occasionally as long as 25 days, and

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soundest principles of sanitary administration— those which

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paratus described in the Bkitish Medical Jodenal for June

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de novo. It may be admitted that if typhus fever ever does-

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Charing Cross Hospital; S. H. Berry, Charing Cross Hospital; V.

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the operation is as efficscious and as great a protection as

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in a few hours. Thomas regards spontaneous reduction as a

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London Post Graduate Course. Bethlem Royal Hospital, 11 a.m.— Dr.

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Society, his parasitic foetus being a subject of great interest to

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has been in communication with Surgeon-Colonel Hamilton, Principal

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cholera in many parts of the Continent, and in particular to the condi-

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spects both the symptoms and signs corresponded to those

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with them, and not only Sir James Macintosh but Locke had

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Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals, whichhad been 3,407 and3,liis at the end

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of leper tissues, blood, discharges, and secretions of lepers ; of

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mind, was how to account for the sloughing of the tumour.

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the answer to " Houdeushire" is an authoritative opinion that there is

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longer communicates with the general cavity of the perito-

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marked thus II , the one to Kashmir thus J. Of those sent home, two—

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SouthEasteen Branch.— The annual meeting of this Branch will be

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into the two counties ; and it was to have some control over

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