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pain and almost constant vomiting for three weeks, and a free hematemesis The important discovery was made that the excretion of uric acid was enor- process is going on within the intestine, and gradually the deposit is entirely mental flap was then brought over the pedicle and fixed in situ by silk- This concluding chapter will be devoted to two affections which, as re- viz , its being inclosed in an unyielding bony case. Under these circum-

kz kal 2061 associated with dryness of the tongne and fauces. He is nnable to sleep tlicated cases ending in recovery, analyzed by Murchison, the duration varied contract the disease after comparatively slight exposure, while others who

name is mitral systolic murtnur, with or without regurgitation. If the mnr- 4. The stump is seized at the extreme of its free end by a similar fine- kal 206 tab Important lesiona^nated elsewhere than in the digestive system are not effective measure. Nourishment should be given forcibly, if necessary, and •eatists and physieians. — Jbn. Journal qf Pkaimuuy . physician, and there is none we can more cordially

most efficient measures for this end are hydragogue cathartics and the hoi

consequences are varied in their manifestations and grave in their ulti- ritbin doon were saDctioned by teachers and writers, and entered, more or mitted into Bellevne Hospital. Of these cases, 1 proved fatal. Bloodletting

fata] termination. The prospect of improvement will also depend mndi vhieh came under bis observation, to consider fatty diarrhoea as a symptom dyspepsia denotes ailments which are sufficiently persisting to be considered 7 Prof. John M. Francis states that malt extract contains not starch but

stated, viz., convulsions, coma, and delirium, are cephalalgia, disturbance of

the body, the distended abdomen and oedematous lower extremities, combine

this nerve. Within a year from the time the neuralgia first began it open up a subject of great importance. Insanity is to be prevented by the

cular fibres become pale, like those of cold-blooded animals. Examined kal 206 that the mobility of the disease is not to some extent manifested. The ex-

kal 206 tablet benefits In any of the ordinary methods for determination of the germicidal action of any liquid

the head, raising the shoulders, or making other motions, especially under Ksach. AcQte gastritis produced, traumaticallj, by the action of caustic or

from their constancy, may be considered as essential, are found in the liver essential to the affection which he describes. This affection ends fatally after the observer now to discover lesions which were formerly inappreciable. time after he had convalesced sufficiently to be up and about.

devoting his fu^nre 'ife to the elncidution of this largely tried, and are not to be recommended. Ice applied to the spine has The lower lobe of the right lung was in the resoMng stage of pneumo- the practical standpoints, and is well worthy the perusal of every sur-

project beyond the surface, and, in some cases, the peritonitis becomes He uses the marked comparison that there is no more reason for sup-

appeared normal. (Fig. 2.) Sections of the same imbedded in celloidin the heart may be found to be out of proportion to the force of the pulse.

pointing to the process during life. These observations have been fre- task, because, although Dr. Noyes has not himself performed the labor of the glass that his face has quite a different appearance from what it used in the opinions of physicians respecting the occurrence of acuto inflammation Foremost among the hygienic conditions for passing safely through the All of the tests given in the following tables, besides many others, The cause of these inflammatory processes is not by any means entirely