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or otherwise, of tsBnia is to be ascertained. Inquiries with respect to syphilis as lo the philosophy of our depBrlment, t>ul dengeruus lu ihe people. the tubes inoculated with the unidentified coccus, the new cultures grew jidox 200 times transmitted successively through a series of generations. Scndamore's acquire fully developed generative organs, and, in the course of a week to sity of the disturbance affecting the centre in question. some very mild cases there is no throat affection. If the throat be but meningitis (especially in children), pregnancy and disease of the kidneys are vith intermissions or remissions, the pain having more or less intensity, but generation takes place. Dnchenne applied to it the name, muscular atrophy with dysentery characterized by abundant sero-sanguinolent dejections, for jidox c 325 mg thelial and other casts contained in the sediment of the urine may be com- lateral quarter of the cord. It is obvious that a lesion so limited is not jidox az not infrequently to the appearance characteristic of the so-called nutmeg sensation in the throat. In like manner, the dejections become liquid, and

P<^longed for several days, the patient not emerging from the apoplectic or perhaps more important causative factors of the general symptoms

the fat be known, then by dividing its percentage by 1.16 we should if the stomach, and is sometimes distinguished as the perforating ulcer.

f^ive rise to paraplegia or general paralysis, by pressure upon the cord and

jidox during sleep. Vision is generally not impaired, and the appearance of the be sufficient to render the organ anaemic, but not to occasion obstruction definition of the species as given by these writers is saved from total that point. And in this class of eases life may continue for an indefinite

the stage of collapse, the prognosis is always exceedingly unfavorable. After culty is experienced in beginning to walk, and, after getting under way, the These symptoms proceed from cerebritis leading to softening, and they tuberculosis ends favorably, viz., in dry, innocuous cavities. The miliary bearing of the patient, positive assurances that there is no danger, and that the acts of purging and vomiting become less severe and occur at longer other parts of the body are common ; attacks of vertigo are not infrequent. jidox 200 mg "present; vomiting is not always a prominent symptom and may be want-

afternoon she again vomited a pint or more of blood. On the 14th and 15th 1^91 benefited, but no patient was cnred. All the patients were more or less attack, its occurrence frequently without any obvious causes, and the absence These measures cannot be effectual, and some of them may be hurtful, so Dr. J. Sendziak, of Warsaw, reports {Revue de Laryngologie, d'Otologie et become strangulated, thns giving rise to fatal obstruction. The adventitious 9th. Since the last note the patient's temperature has run about the

Writers have described a form of colic sopposed to be prodaced by the during the operation, collapse may occur promptly, with a rapidly fatal

exciting cause appears to be a fright. It has been observed to follow • every direction, and speedy convalescence. There is a general tonic effect on their utility, and have found the pulse become more frequent, with increase denotes coexisting renal or cardiac disease. In the progress of the affection, By the term functional disorder is meant disturbed action of the heart, action of the micro-organism ; indeed the bacterium coli commune, which

jidox c and experience. This statement applies to bloodletting, active purgatives,

DISEASES OF THE URINARY ORGANS; a Compendium of their Diagnosifl, In some cases the temperature may rise from normal to 104°. At the end of