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it as an Animal Simple. The solid portion of beef is
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patients varying as it must with individuals and their digestive peculiarities
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tion hd applied to Mr P. who gave him mercurial medicines
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ty two cases and injuries to structure other than cerebro spinal
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changes or c the outcome of an arteriosclerotic process. Very often the
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garded as suspicious and measures of isolation and disinfectiont instituted
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diphtheritic infection. Filth bad sewerage and drainage over crowding
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his jurisdiction to all such cases the Board of Managers of the
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with an equal force ever enjoyed so favorable an experience.
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Inspection Displacement of apex beat to the left and rarely down
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published in New Orleans. His department is brimful of inter
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then he has been treated by different i hysicians for constipation and
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now cut off about one half inch from its base the stump
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and best adapted to their ability and field work. The physician should
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the working of such a system and its most excellent results my
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rule a liquid diet should be adhered to. In addition to furnishing
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I have repeated the experiments of producing phosphorus poisoning
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or two cases that I have watched with the deepest interest. Now
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One finds rigid infiltration of the wall small shallow ulcerations and
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heart. In this manner precordial bulging is formed.
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sweep away all eruption from the skin previous to insert
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The author states that it is perhaps going too far to
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painful disease in children may lead to muscular spasm hav
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large looking glasses and thus know when they are stand
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found anaesthesia within one minute after being put
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Center Hartford DAVID WATERS M.D. director of cardiology
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the atmospheric oxidation of oil of eucalyptus camphor oil
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in all of the cases is shown in the following table
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has been demonstrated in smears. The Bacillus pestis is present
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