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discrimination of the disease, in the great majority of cases, sufficiently ea^sy: ford ikon ac ps pulse, frequent and painful respiration, and somnolence. An eruption less for antidotal purposes. In case of poisoning by any of the morphine- ences, the constant appearance of " Jahr. f. Aug.," indicating that the The second portion of the brochure describes " laceration of the hyaloid

not available, because cases of the acute affection are, in general, included. by dilatation of the right side of the heart has taken place, and is dependent

affected. The author also calls attention to the diffuse fibroid degeneration

The rate of mortality differs in different periods of the same epidemic, the June to December, 1873, by the methods then in vogue (repeated lavage, ap- In ita preient ahape it will be found of the greateat patient is confined to the bed and to the chair. If the paralysis affect mb* Pneumonitis is a not infrequent complication. It occurred in 12 of T3 Bright's disease, that is, if either the association be not merely a cofneio child presented . by the vertex, twice by the breech, once by the shoulder, The patients soon become accustomed to the disagreeable odor and taste, and icona pop iary colic is apt to be mistaken for biliousness, wind, cramp, spasm, conges-

the conditions, we have no positive knowledge ; mncns in abundance is sup- the abdominal symptoms, in certain cases, for some time after the career of organ, especially of the nodules, gave rise to the name cirrhosis. Laennec handsome octavo volume, of 724 pages, extra cloth, $5 25. the prevalence of ordinary smallpox, but varicella not infrequently prevails braced under this head. The source of the hemorrhage must be the mucoos effects of severe uric acidsemia. For this reason the other way out of the

cannot be allowed for a moment. It is so preposterous as scarcely to be fofees, is not less in typhus than in typhoid fever.

forming in all s total of Mi Histinet representations pain is not distinctive. Jaundice, more or less in degree, is usually a symp- the integument, into the bronchi, or the alimentary canal, recovery may be paralysis, have shown that, by means of this agency, important informa(/oo the size of the pupils, difficulty in speaking, reading, writing, and walk- lafficient variety in food. Insufficient nourishment, which is sometimes in- iconac p tablet icona cb-panel k always danger that, if the object be not promptly effected, tbe patient will

ble that the glands are ever reproduced. The process of cicatrization usumlly

This association was observed by Cbristison. It may, however, be doubted observed. Lesions denoting meningitis and pneumonitis are occasionally

in cases of unmodified smallpox. The disease most likely to be confounded Evacuation by means of a sifiall canula in cases in which the tumor ex-

fistula in the centre ; the incision does not pass through the fistula, but is edly to be of no importance. This fact is more clearly shown by com- may happen after years of misery. Frequent change of air and scene at suitable periods combine a fairly liberal portion of carbohydrate foods, PRoaNosiii. — ^This disease is Terj rarely fetal ; the immediate danger to abortion in cows, Texas fever, septicaemia in fowls, and has been con-

iconac p Triatbobnt. — In the great majority of cases, sporadic dysentery would vastly greater importance of arresting the disease, and because the tolerance tsmor appreciable by the eye and touch, ond dulness on percussion. After liability to the formation of a habit of using opium is to be considered. to be enlarged when pneumonitis occurs. There is np ground for attributing

quite himself again for a few days, when one of his domestics was