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healthy tissues and approximation, and union of the ends of
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and here we quote from the authorities, is represented at fig. 129.
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cellular substance. The upper half had probably been arrest-
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liberated from the case or cell in which they were produced,
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I shall not be the aggressor in personalities, but will manifest, should
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the edges of the wound were drawn together by a few sutures.
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of most unsuccessful and humiliating results. For instance,
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woman complains of severe, persistent, and narrowly circum-
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the cecal region and adhesions are formed protecting the rest of
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began to swell and be badly inflamed ; and on the 28th of
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with the leg and foot lying up by the axilla of the left side. On
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that communication, that every example of the disease could be
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the acid on the following day, and preparatory to replacing the
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Hysteria and Certain Allied Conditions. By Gtegegb J. Preston, M.D.,
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in any case, they could not have been nourished without a
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from the vial and weighed. The loss was found to be five grains.
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kinds, contains from seventy-five to eighty per cent of carbon,
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Good, but qualified thus, " medicine more, and surgery not less."
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a prepatory knowledge of what is contained in the writings of Wer-
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that a broad line of distinction is to be drawn between true
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continued to be very copious for more than a month, averaging
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Special Committee on the present state of science, as regards the Pa-
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by the same means, we cannot but hail it with delight as another
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arrest the blood impairment, which is so marked a feature of