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fulfilling to the letter its functions, made the in-
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registration, under section 9 of the Compulsoi^y Vac-
formed the majority of those treated at the hospital.
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Collegiate Establishment.— Warden, Mr. Willett. Students can
hydroxyurea for sickle cell patients
greatness and success. This is a great mistake for all
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ployed than upon your patient's stomach. On asking a Lacede-
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fact, i,' Union Medicale suggests that it would be a
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College, '2 P.M. — London. 2 p.m. — Royal London Oph-
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since the present paper was brought before the Asso-
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and orchids, and stUl more when gu-affes and hipijo-
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number of cases have been reported ; partial obliteration, stenosis, is
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conscious volition ; that those for expression are con-
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for a time, now stands out as a guiding star, clear
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workhouses, 2,573 ; in jails, 452 ; in private licensed
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neas an article to eminent wi-iters ; and they would
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take all these facts, and observe how they point to
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regards fever, is greater even than in the metropolis,
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to increase in power and volume under the influence
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leaves to Mr. Evans, surgeon, Brixton, JE2,000 ; and
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the final and decisive test of inoculation ; but, as it
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rife, her munificence will confer on her inteUigent
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to their source in inheritance, there is no thought of
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furnishes only negative evidence, because the very masses which would
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comes consummate ; — in that cattle-plague — exact
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real cause of the suspended secretion of bUe diu-ing
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while in the left there was an absence of respiratory
hydroxyurea in patients with sickle cell disease
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changing, can be hai-dly more useful or less dangerous
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tution wiU bear the name of the late Prince Consort,
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it is possible that natural deUvery would have been
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vomiting, fever, pain, hemorrhage, and arrest of function. Further
accumulation of hydrea in the body
subsides ; and when the scab has dropped off, there
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