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classed as a hebephrenic with the reservation that there is a defi-
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the brain of this case Bausch and Lamb 2-3 achromatic obj., no ocular, bel-
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and rodent ulcer. During a period of six years the Finsen Medical
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willing to be taxed for the purpose of again establishing a fund to
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grees to 105 degrees, tenderness in neck and legs, retraction of neck,
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Case XVII. Clinically a case of post apoplectic dementia ; anatomically recent
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because colon bacilli, are always present within its lumen, the walls
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to take up advanced work in a particular branch. The fee
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the Southern Railway between Cincinnati and Charles-
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day until the Wassermann reaction is negative, which is usually the
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gastro intestinal disturbances. See Cushny, Bartholow, U. S. P.
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of the required work in pediatrics, requires, at least, six
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especial attention to differential diagnosis and treatment.
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ganglion cells of these nuclei and were found where there was
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gical staff of the hospital, contributes $5,000. There are a number
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( 1 ) Tendency to call up unpleasant concrete imagery, especially
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on Kevision and Memorials was appointed. They will revise the
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gifted. Nothing is more discouraging than a flippant nature in one
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William W. Williams. A study of complement fixation in syphilis
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worth"; oil has been repeatedly put on over 2000 barrels and cis-
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III. A course in the pathology and bacteriology of th(
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■ Autonephrectomy. — Medicine and Surgery, 1918.
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Graduates can enter the Laboratory of Surgical Pathology
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the drawbacks of these traditions which weigh so heavily on Euro-
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bi-manually. It occupies, anatomically, the position
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They are so referred because of the nerve supply of the sympa-
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men, however. No finer exist within the fold of any profession,
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A consideration of the application of the fundaments of homoeopathic
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examination revealed naso-pharyngeal diphtheria; pulse 100°;
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one can see exactly why a word should fail to disturb subjects of